Broad Versatility of Pothos Plants & Their Ability To Elevate Any Space

Broad Versatility of Pothos Plants & Their Ability To Elevate Any Space

Aug 18, 2023

Do you ever look around your space and feel that something is missing? When it comes to interior design, there are obviously a multitude of elements that go into creating a space that feels complete; however, in our opinion, the biggest factor that people often miss out on is the element of life in the form of greenery.

While some feel that they don’t have a ‘green thumb,’ you’d be surprised to know that the most essential part of caring for a range of plants is the element of patience and pure neglect. Yup, you read that right; most people actually need to learn to neglect their houseplants more!

Our number one plant choice for bringing lush green foliage to an indoor space is the Pothos. Also nicknamed the “Devil’s Ivy,” this fast-growing vine comes in various forms and fills an indoor space with life before the blink of an eye! Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the versatile masterpiece that is the pothos plant!

Varieties of Pothos Plants For Sale Online

jade pothos

Jade Pothos

If simple is your MO, the Jade Pothos is the houseplant for you. Solid deep green leaves grow in large numbers on this vining beauty! Great for hanging planters and high shelves, the Jade Pothos will quickly grow long and large and command the audience of any room.

golden pothos plant

Golden Pothos

As the original pothos on the market, Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a true classic in the plant world. Sporting heart-shaped foliage with gorgeous golden-yellow variegation atop deep green leaves, what’s not to love? This tropical aroid is native to French Polynesia but has become a mainstay in the indoor plant market within the US. Place your golden pothos somewhere sunny and watch her transform your indoor space!

pearls and jade pothos

Pearls and Jade Pothos

Much like the Marble Queen Pothos, the Pearls and Jade Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘UFM12’) boasts bright white variegation. This plant differs however, in the way that the variegation tends to be more splotchy and random. Additionally the leaves on this pothos are more wavy in texture and slightly smaller than the typical Pothos leaves.

marble queen pothos

Marble Queen Pothos

Next on the list is the Marble Queen Pothos. Much like the name suggests, the Marble Queen Pothos exudes royalty and elegance. Enjoy consistent dappled white and green variegation on the classic heart-shaped leaf! The growth on these pothos is slower than others due to a lack of chlorophyll in the leaves, but the wait is so worth it!

silvery ann pothos

Silvery Ann Pothos

The Silvery Ann Pothos (Scindapsis pictus) is like the younger sibling of the Silver Satin Pothos. This stunning houseplant has the same shimmering foliage but in a smaller form! Not to mention, unlike your typical pothos plant that requires a bright indirect light, Satin Pothos can tolerate medium-low light levels with ease!

silver satin pothos

Silver Satin Pothos

Next on the list is the Silver Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica'). While not technically a member of the Pothos family, the Silver Satin Pothos is a close cousin that has the same growth habits and overall form of the Pothos plant. The Scindapsus Exotica is unique in the way that it has massive leaves that are matte green with a silvery-toned reflective covering. These plants will quite literally shine in your indoor space!

neon pothos

Neon Pothos

Last but certainly not least on the list of Pothos plants to love is the vibrant and bold Neon Pothos. As one of the most eye-catching pothos varieties, the Neon Pothos is characterized by its almost blinding neon green foliage! For a pop of color in a dull space, we recommend incorporating the Neon Pothos into your plant design.

Design Opportunities With Pothos

Because this plant is oh-so versatile, the design opportunities with it or endless! The trailing nature of these plants makes it ideal for high surfaces, bookshelves, ledges and hanging planters.

This tropical houseplant can also make a grand statement as a floor plant! Because these plants are aroids, they are accustomed to vining up trees to reach the light from the rainforest floors. You can replicate this climbing nature by giving your pothos a moss pole to climb! You will be amazed who the plant leaves near-triple in size when given the opportunity to climb!

Beyond growing in containers, Pothos also make a gorgeous addition to homes when grown in water. This is a method known as propagation or hydroponics!

Propagating Your Pothos Plant

Pothos are amazing plants that are ideal for propagating! Never propagated before? Don’t sweat it! The process is so simple, and the results will be extremely rewarding because, let’s be real, who doesn’t want more plants?

To propagate pothos plants, simply find a node (a small brown point on a vine, usually below the leaf). Cut just below the node and place in a clear container with water. Add a rooting powder to your water for optimal growth! Place your propagation in a sunny location and watch as roots begin to flourish within a few weeks!

It is important to note that you should change out your water every so often and top off as needed! And it’s that simple!

Follow along with us as we create our very own Pothos Propagation Centerpiece in the video on the right!

Caring For Your Pothos Plant

Pothos houseplant care is extremely low-maintenance and simple. The main factors to include in your regimen include placing in bright indirect sunlight and watering every 1-2 weeks (allowing soil to dry out between watering).

For more details on caring for your pothos plants, be sure to check out our full guide on Growing Pothos Plants!

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No matter which pothos you choose and how you decide to display it, we guarantee that adding these leafy greens to your home will certainly bring a whole new vibe to your home that uplifts and calms anyone who enters!

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