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Coco Coir Moss Poles

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Allow your indoor plants to climb and grow as they would in the wild! In promoting upward growth patterns, while offering optimal support, coconut coir moss poles are a plant owner's necessity.

These coir totem poles mimic the natural textures of trees and branches. The pole's surface allows your climbing plant's aerial roots to secure themselves to the pole as they climb. Vining plants like Pothos and Philodendron can also be trained to vine up the pole.

Large tropical plants like Monstera and Alocasia can quickly get top-heavy with their monstrous leaves. If your plant's foliage impacts its ability to stay upright, we recommend using a coco coir pole for extra support.

As an added benefit, coco coir poles work to increase your plant's overall humidity levels. Keep your pole moist with a weekly mist or watering for best results.

Add a climbing pole to your plant's pot today and see its many benefits! Fellow plant owners have confirmed moss poles' success in bettering your plant's growth. Specifically, the poles promote larger foliage, more prominent and plentiful fenestrations, and quicker growth rates!

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