Marble Queen Pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'

Growzone: 9-11

 Queen Pothos has green and white tear shaped foliage with a tendency to trail and cascade. 

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Queen Pothos has green and white tear shaped foliage with a tendency to trail and cascade. For that reason, Pothos does well in hanging baskets or plant stands where the foliage can vine freely, covering space other plants can't. The other name for Pothos is Devil's Ivy because it is so difficult to kill, and that's exactly what makes it a great houseplant for beginners. Pothos is on NASA's Clean Air List because it removes formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from the air. This plant does best in fluorescent to bright, indirect light and likes to stay slightly moist but accepts a missed watering here or there. Pothos are incredibly easy to take care of, and there are several different color varieties, including Jade, Neon, and Silver Satin. Marble Queen Pothos is an incredibly low maintenance houseplant, and is also known as Devil's Ivy because it is so difficult to kill. It is an excellent choice for first time houseplant buyers because it handles missed watering and minimal light without consequence. Pothos has a tendency to trail and cascade, making it ideal for hanging baskets or containers in plant stands so it can cascade naturally. This plant takes extremely well to pruning, and can be kept more compact and branching if it is trimmed occasionally. Marble Queen Pothos is known to remove toxins, specifically formaldehyde, benzene and xylene from the air indoors.

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History and Naming of Marble Queen Pothos:

Native to the Solomon Islands, Pothos does well as a hanging basket or houseplant kept in a stand. The plant normally grows as a vine with charming, almost heart shaped leaves. While pruning to keep the plant compact, Marble Queen Pothos cuttings can be rooted and planted, which is the easiest way to propagate. The houseplant vine is actually an immature stage of the plant; the mature version in the wild has very large, lobed leaves and grows more than 20 feet long up tree trunks or other structures. Indoors, the plant will never reach that size or type of leaf. The flower only appears where the plant is hardy, and looks similar to a peace lily or chinese evergreen, with a spathe and spadix, followed by small colored berries. Epipremnum aureum is the Latin name for Pothos. Genus name comes form the Greek epi meaning upon and premnon meaning trunk referring to the fact that it grows on tree trunks, while arureum means golden, referring to the original species with gold variegation.