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Carter' Tapered Ceramic Crock

This dual-look ceramic pot is the perfect addition to the modern farmhouse look, but it fits with any style of decor. Simply place a nursery potted plant in the center and you have a quick and beautiful design!

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'Carter' Tapered Ceramic Planter For Sale

The Carter ceramic vase has mix of styles with the classic glossy look on the top that is cut short at the hip of this pot and unfinished ceramic peaking out of the bottom.

This planter does not have holes in the bottom of the pot, so you can either place a nursery pot directly into the vase (a 6 inch fits perfectly), or you can plant it in the pot, just be sure to add some drainage assistant products like Clay Pebbles in the bottom. If you have a nursery pot resting in the vase, make sure to check the bottom after watering so that your plant doesn't sit in too much excess water.

Opening 6 1/8 Inch
Fits 6 Inch nursery pot
Drainage Holes None
Style Farmhouse, classic

Frequently Asked questions

How do I use a ceramic pot when it has no drainage holes?

What is the difference between a terra cotta pot and a ceramic pot?

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