Ideas For Planting A Patriotic Garden

Ideas For Planting A Patriotic Garden

May 24, 2023

With Memorial Day approaching, and the Fourth of July on the horizon, what better time to get in the garden and incorporate the colors of freedom into the landscape?

It's a great time to make changes to the landscape for the holiday. This is a chance to celebrate everything that our country stands for. Take advantage of the sitewide savings now!

Not sure where to begin? Don't fret! If you're in need of some ideas for a patriotic garden, our team has compiled a series of plants worth including.

Patriotic Annuals For Your Garden

patriotic annuals in the garden

The first step to crafting a garden that sports your American pride is incorporating annuals. There are so many ways to include annuals in your garden while simultaneously supporting the USA!

Annual Hanging Baskets are a great place to start if you are looking to bring some red, white, and blue into the landscape. Our Headliner Night Sky Petunia hanging basket brings the stars of our flag to life!

In addition to hanging baskets, there are a variety of red and white flowering annuals that are perfect for mixed planters and flower beds. Combining red and white petunias, along with red geraniums and white vinca, with a splash of dusty miller throughout is a subtle and stunning way to show your support for the USA!

Red White & Blue Perennials

red white and blue perennials

If you are looking for some patriotic plants that will come back every year, perennials are the way to go! Some of our favorite plants that would look gorgeous together in a red, white, and blue garden include the following:

Red Summer Perennials

Red-blooming summer perennials are a great way to bring a bold pop of color to your summer yard.

White Summer Perennials

Just as the American flag is not complete without its white stripes, your patriotic garden is simply not complete without some bright white bloomers!

Blue Summer Perennials

Combine your red-blooming perennials with bold luscious blue flowers for a stunning contrast of color that never fails to wow onlookers!

    American Trees and Shrubs For Your Landscape

    american native trees for sale

    Beyond annuals and perennials, trees and shrubs are a huge way to make a patriotic splash in the landscape! Below are a few of our favorite native trees and shrubs that bring the spirit of America to your landscape!

    Native Patriotic Trees

    From their American origin to their vibrant hues of red, white, or blue, these trees will certainly make a splash in the landscape and show your support for the USA.

    • Redbud Tree
    • White Dogwood
    • Baby Blue Spruce
    • Sweetbay Magnolia
    • Carolina Sapphire Cypress
    • Eastern White Pine Tree
    • American Holly
    • Skyrocket Juniper
    • American Fringe Tree
    • White Oak Tree

    Native Patriotic Shrubs

    Native shrubs work to support local ecosystems, conserve water, and reduce issues of pollution caused by harsh fertilizers and pesticides. You can play a large role in making our country beautiful and healthy by planting native shrubs.

    Below are some great native shrub options for your patriotic garden!

    Shop Garden Goods Direct For Your Patriotic Garden

    patriotic garden inspo

    No matter what plants you decide to plant in your yard this summer season, it's always good to remember where our country came from and what it stands for!

    Take pride in the beautiful place you live and pay tribute to the bountiful natural beauty that the US of A encompasses! Shop online today for everything you need to beautify your landscape.