8 Gardening Trends For 2024

8 Gardening Trends For 2024

Jan 19, 2024

As we dive into a new year, it means preparing for a whole new world of trends to be explored! While 2023 was the year of bountiful gardens, magenta hues, and classical design, we predict there is still so much beauty and fun to look forward to in this new year!

Keep reading to learn more about our gardening trend predictions of the year and get a chance to get a jump on designing the trendiest garden of 2024!

1. Planting Native

The trend that we are most excited about and expect to see the most prevalently in gardens across the US is planting native plants! More and more people are beginning to become privy to all the benefits that planting native offers them and their local ecosystem!

While gardening is often about beautifying a space or increasing an area’s property value, there is something to be said for those who plant simply to make the world a better place. Choosing native trees, shrubs, and perennials to incorporate into your landscape work to conserve natural resources, restore ecosystems, and support a greater abundance and diversity of bees, butterflies, and other wildlife!

monarch butterfly on milkweed plant

2. Small Pollinator Gardens

While 2023 was a year of abundance, we believe 2024 will be more about planting with a purpose! If you don’t have a huge space for planting, that does not mean that you are incapable of making an impact! Even the smallest container gardens can work to support a mass of local pollinators in your area!

peach drift rose

3. Warm Peachy Color Palettes

The next trend that we heavily touched on in our previous blog is about incorporating Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year into your garden! Peach Fuzz is a warm and inviting color that will bring a feeling of happiness and calm into your outdoor space.

4. Porch-Scaping

While the idea of porch-scaping has long been a planting practice in homes around the US, we expect to see it blow up in 2024! For a space that is the first thing you see when you leave the house in the morning, as well as the first thing guests see upon arrival to your home, it is only natural to want to make that space as inviting and beautiful as possible!

5. Evergreen Designs

Next on the list of 2024 gardening trends is the idea of evergreening your garden. Now, this does not mean that everything in your yard has to be green, but rather, incorporating the elements of evergreen plants into your yard so that you can enjoy color year-round in the landscape!

Whether it’s building a vibrant wall of evergreen privacy with our wide selection of evergreen trees or just adding pops of color throughout your yard with evergreen shrubs, you will certainly not regret hopping on this garden trend!

white house with evergreen trees and shrubs in landscape

6. Homesteading Grow-Your-Own Mindset

If you didn’t get into homesteading-tok in 2023, then 2024 will likely be your year! With inflation and the ever-increasing prices of groceries, what better time than now to start growing your own food?

The process of growing your own food is extremely rewarding in more ways than one. Not only do you end up saving money on produce, but you can also reap the benefits related to better mental and physical well-being when you get out in the yard to enjoy the fruits of your labor…literally! You can start small with a few blueberry bushes and a peach tree, or you could go all out and start growing your very own apple orchard!

7. Heat-Tolerant Gardening

As global temperatures rise, the amount of water needed to keep your landscape alive will naturally increase as well. If you want to keep your water bills low while still enjoying the beauty of a thriving landscape, then this might just be the trend for you!

Also known as xeriscaping, selecting drought and heat-tolerant plants for your garden is a great eco-conscious way to grow into this new year! Plants like Yucca, Crape Myrtles, and Lavender are gorgeous drought-tolerant plant options you may want to consider adding to the garden this year!

romantic pink rose garden

8. Romantic Gardens

In 2023, there was no lack of romance when it came to the trends in reading, TV Shows, and movies. From the Medieval classics like Bridgerton and Game of Thrones to the more modern-day love stories like The Summer I Turned Pretty, the infatuation around romance was stronger than ever! The concept of ‘romanticizing your life’ also became a mainstay trend among Gen Z and Millennials around the world.

We expect this trend to carry over into the garden in 2024 in the form of Romantic Gardens! We’re picturing rose hedges galore, fragrant pathways lined with gardenias, and flowerbeds bursting with hellebores in early winter and peonies in the spring.

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