Blueberry Bushes for Sale Online

Blueberry Shrubs are a favorite at Woodies Garden Goods Direct. I think the staff is sorry every time they ship berry plants because in the summer our nursery is loaded with plump Blueberries. Since we minimize the spraying at our farm the staff knows that after a simple wash with plain water the blueberries are ready to eat. You can rest assured that our selection of berry plants has been chosen by Woodie to produce massive amounts of fruit. Remember Blueberry plants do best when there are more than plant present so be sure to buy two or more plants.

With the proper light, soil, and water Blueberry Shrubs bushes are easy to grow. Plant in full sun and moist, acidic soil for optimal growth. We offer several varieties so you are sure to find a fruit and berry shrub that suits your needs.

Most folks don’t know that Blueberry shrubs make great hedges! You don’t need to hide your blueberry bushes in the backyard! Practical and beautiful, blueberry shrubs look lovely in the Front yard as well. Flowers, berries, and great fall color is why we believe blueberries belong in the landscape.