Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs close up of barberry ornamental plant leaves
Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs close up of barberry ornamental plant leaves

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Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs

Berberis thunbergii 'Maria' Plant Patent #18,082

Gold Pillar Barberry has a similar in shape to Helmonds Pillar Barberry. Its golden yellow foliage does not burn in the full sun and turns bright orange-red in the fall.

Growzone: 4-7

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Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs for Sale Online

Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs are specifically prized for their bright yellow foliage that maintains its vibrance all summer long. In early spring, new growth appears red, and as the plant grows and matures, the foliage turns yellow. This shrub grows in a wide column shape and looks great when used as a short hedge or border along a walkway. Gold Pillar is adaptable and tolerant of many growing conditions and does not require a lot of special care. For example, this shrub is not prone to leaf scorch and can be placed in direct, bright sunlight for hours and not burn at all. This plant is also drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. Also, Barberry is known for having a long history of medicinal uses that date back more than 2,000 years ago.

Growing Zone: 4-7
Mature Height: 3 to 4 feet
Mature Width: 1.5 to 2 feet
Classification: Broad Leaved deciduous shrub
Sunlight: Partial to full sun
Habit: Upright columnar
Foliage: Red in spring turning bright golden in summer
Flower Color: Inconspicuous
Pruning Season: Best pruned in late spring or summer to maintain shape
Soil Condition: Any well drained slightly acidic soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: Use as a vertical feature or to add color to the mixed border
This Plants Growzone: 4-7 Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs

Before you purchase your Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry shrub, be sure to read the recommended care instructions to ensure your plant remains happy and healthy for years to come!

How Do I Prune Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs?

How Do I Prune Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs?

Gold Pillar shrubs take to pruning and shearing well to either promote good color or maintain a manageable size. Pruning should be done while dormant, in either late winter or VERY early spring, before any growth begins. You may hard prune it down to about 12” every few years, which will produce a lot of regrowth and a very dense plant. If you prefer a more open and natural form, remove up to one-third of the branches down to the ground each year or two. Gold Pillar Barberry that has not been pruned in a few years will develop dead or degenerative twigs. Removing dead and dying limbs will minimize the possibility of diseases such as “die-back” and will also allow the plant to re-concentrate its energies and produce flowers. Pruning large Gold Pillar Barberry Shrubs that are well established will enable the plant to have continued vigor and lead to many more years of supplying beauty to the landscape.

When Should I Fertilize My Sunjoy Barberry Shrub?

When Should I Fertilize My Sunjoy Barberry Shrub?

We recommend that you apply fertilizer to your shrub in early spring. Feeding your plant at this time will help it grow happy and healthy for its upcoming growing season, which starts shortly after early spring. You can apply a slow-release fertilizer that is specialized for trees and shrubs. In the early spring, you might see some new growth appearing. This is the perfect time for you to apply the fertilizer. Doing so at this time will give your plant plenty of time to soak in the nutrients before the peak of its growing season hits. Be sure to avoid fertilizing during their growth dormancy seasons of fall and winter. Also, be careful not to overfertilize your Sunjoy shrubs. Overfertilizing could lead to root burn and cause irreversible damage.

What Kind of Soil Does my Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrub Need?

What Kind of Soil Does my Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrub Need?

Sunjoy Gold Pillar shrubs thrive best in well-draining soil conditions. It is crucial to plant these shrubs in an area of your garden that has well-draining soil. If these bushes are planted somewhere with compacted or poorly draining soil, they could suffer from root rot disease. This disease is caused by your plant's roots sitting in standing water for too long and drowning in excess water. If this is not caught quickly, it can permanently damage your plants. However, besides well-draining soil, your plant is very adaptable to other soil conditions.

How Much Sun Does My Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrub Need?

How Much Sun Does My Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry Shrub Need?

A unique quality Gold Pillar shrubs have is that they are burn-resistant. No matter how bright or direct sunlight is on their leaves, they will never burn. This makes them very versatile when finding a location to plant them. Your Sunjoy Barberry shrubs are also drought-resistant, once they are well-established, and do not require a strict watering schedule to thrive. If you live in a climate that receives lots of rain, you most likely will not need to water your plants manually. However, if you live in an area with little to no rain, you will need to water your plants weekly.

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