red and yellow columbine flower red and yellow hat shaped columbine flowers
red and yellow columbine flower red and yellow hat shaped columbine flowers

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Red Columbine

Aquilegia Canadensis

Aquilegia Canadensis or Red Columbine is a Maryland native flowering perennial that will flourish in your garden. Its unique, long lasting flowers attract hummingbirds making it a staple in any wildflower garden!

Growzone: 3-8

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Red Columbine for Sale Online

Aquilegia canadensis, commonly known as Red Columbine, is a Maryland native spring wildflower that grows naturally in rocky woods, slopes, ledges, and open areas throughout the state. The show-stopping red and yellow flowers are a unique, bell-like shape with 5 red spurs. The delicate foliage will last through summer if planted in moist soil. Great for a pollinator garden - hummingbirds love them!

About Your Red Columbine

Red Columbine in Your Wild Flower Garden

Aquilegia Canadensis is a Maryland native that boasts bright red and yellow flowers. These bell shaped flowers have 5 unique spurs making them a standout in your garden. Commonly planted in wildflower or native gardens, the Red Columbine attracts pollinators and hummingbirds.

Growing Zone: 3-8
Mature Height: 2 to 3 Feet
Mature Width: Up to 1 1/2 Feet
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Flower Color: Red and Yellow
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: Native Garden, Wildflower Garden, Cottage Garden
This Plants Growzone: 3-8 Red Columbine Hardiness Zone

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