How To Grow Aquilegia
Plant Guide

How To Grow Aquilegia


Aquilegia, or more commonly referred to as 'Columbine,' are North American native wild flowers loved for both their expansive range of colorful blooms and their low maintenance care regimen. 

The perennials are also notable for their deer and rabbit resistance as well as their ability to withstand drought! With their tall arched stems and delicate bell shaped blooms, the Aquilegia make for a grand statement in any garden! 

Ground Rules

Aquilegia Lighting Guide


Columbine plants enjoy conditions of full sun to partial shade for best results. 

Aquilegia Watering Guide


It is important that you water your new plant thoroughly. Once established, your Columbine will only need watering during extended periods with no rainfall. 

Aquilegia Soil Guide


Aquilegia prefer a loamy clay soil that is well draining. 

Aquilegia Food Guide


Fertilize your native wildflower plant with a water-soluble, slow release fertilizer in the growing months of spring and summer. Fertilize once a month for optimal growth. 

Aquilegia Temperature Guide


Aquilegia thrive in moderate to cooler temperatures and do not appreciate extremely high temperatures. Aquilegia often go dormant in the summer as a result of the unbearable high temperatures.

Aquilegia Toxicity Guide


Non Toxic to animals

Types of Aquilegia and their Bloom Colors

Type of Aquilegia  Bloom Color
Aquilegia Canadensis Cherry Red Outer Petals and Warm Golden Center
Aquilegia Corbett Pale Yellow 
Aquilegia Biedermeier A Range of Deep Purple, Magenta and Bubble Gum Pink