Italian Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens

Growzone: 7-10

Stately Upright Italian Cypress Trees 

Functional, simple, fragrant, and noble- the Italian Cypress is the complete package! Can grow up to 2.5 feet per year when happy. Looks great near entrances or lining driveways. Adds a Mediterranean feel to any landscape.

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1 to 2 feet tall Sale: $19.95 List $28.95
2.5 to 3 feet tall Sale: $33.95 List $39.95
10 Plants (2.5 to 3 Feet Tall) Sale: $174.95 List $389.95
Full Description

Italian Cypress Evergreen Privacy Trees

The Italian Cypress is native to the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which is why its also sometimes called Mediterranean cypress. The Italian Cypress is cultivated throughout the United States in areas with similar hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters as the Mediterranean Basin. Italian Cypress trees are most often seen in warmer parts of the country, but they can be used as far north as zone 7. It's well known for its erect branches that form a narrow column. The Italian Cypress has an extremely unique form that provides a classic distinction for the Mediterranean themed landscapes. Its a tall narrow evergreen tree that's growth habit is well suited for screening unsightly areas of the garden and can also be used to frame accents in the landscape such as garden gates. Italian Cypress foliage grows in dense sprays that are rich dark green to blue-green in color. Italian cypress are well known for being fast growing trees that are drought tolerant but can also tolerate a wide range of soil types and moisture levels. Cupressus sempervirens can grow as tall as 40 feet tall so it is not best suited for planting under power lines. When using Italian Cypress as a hedge you may prune the top of the trees which will cause them to not grow taller but push their growth to the sides. This technique can also help to provide privacy faster. Italian cypress trees grow to about 5 feet wide so when planting as a windbreak or privacy hedge they should be spaced no further than 5 feet apart but we recommend 4 feet on center to create privacy faster.

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Additional Information

Botanical Name: 

Cupressus sempervirens

Common Names of Italian Cypress: 

Mediterranean cypress, Tuscan cypress, Persian cypress, Pencil pine

Spacing for Italian Cypress:

4 feet on center minimum

Growth rate of Italian Cypress:

Moderate to Fast

Native Range of Italian Cypress:

Mediterranean regions including the middle east