Floribunda Iceberg Rose Shrub blooming with lots of bright crisp white roses in bunches Floribunda Rose White Rose blooming in summer in bunches of threes bright white floribunda iceberg rose bright glowing white lots of petals
Floribunda Iceberg Rose Shrub blooming with lots of bright crisp white roses in bunches Floribunda Rose White Rose blooming in summer in bunches of threes bright white floribunda iceberg rose bright glowing white lots of petals

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Iceberg Floribunda White Rose Bushes

Rosa 'Korbin'

These blindingly white roses are the perfect reblooming rose shrubs for anyone looking to add a bright pop of honeysuckle scented white roses to their garden. They bloom in clusters, creating a very full look all season long. Great for those new to raising roses.

Growzone: 5-9

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Iceberg Floribunda Rose Bushes for Sale Online

Iceberg Floribunda Roses are some of the most popular white roses available, being one of the top ten award-winning rose varieties in the world. If you want stark white roses for your garden but you are new to raising roses, then Iceberg Floribunda Roses are the perfect rose for you. These roses sport a high resistance to diseases and they rebloom all season, from late spring to late fall. White roses traditionally mean purity, peace, remembrance, marriage, and honor. They also are very trendy right now, especially in monochromatic moon gardens with all white flowers.

Growing Zone: 5-9
Mature Height: 3 to 4 feet, up to 12 feet when climbing
Mature width: 2 to 3 feet
Classification: Deciduous flowering shrub
Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Habit: Upright rounded, or can be trained as a climbing rose
Foliage: Dark green shiny foliage, lightly thorned stems
Flower Color: Bright white, reblooming
Rose Bloom: Semi-double, medium blooms, fragrant, reblooms in clusters from late spring to early fall
Pruning Season: Late fall for winterization, some deadheading all season to encourage reblooming
Soil Condition: Fertile, evenly moist, well draining
Uses: Beds, borders, flowering hedges, containers, mass planting, climbing rose, foundation planting, focal point, specimen, pollinator gardens, cottage gardens
This Plants Growzone: 5-9 Iceberg Floribunda White Rose Bushes Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Iceberg Floribunda White Rose Bushes

Before you buy an Iceberg Floribunda Rose Bush, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving.

How do I plant an Iceberg Floribunda Rose?

How do I plant an Iceberg Floribunda Rose?

When planting your Floribunda Rose Bush, dig a hole that is twice as wide and the same depth as the container your rose is potted in. Adding compost, vermiculite or worm casings will help increase the nutrients available to the young root system. Adding peat moss, fir bark, or pine fines will help increase drainage. We recommend an even mix between your native soil and these amendments. Then, position your rose's root ball in the hole and backfill around the roots with the same soil mixture. Do not plant your rose bush too deeply - you should still be able to see the soil it arrived in at the top of the hole, level with the ground. Cover the area with 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch, while taking care to leave space around point where the roots end and branches begin. Water deeply the first time you water them, taking care not to leave water on the leaves. Cover the area with organic mulch, and leave an inch of space around the main stem of the bush.

What is the best way to water my Cluster Iceberg Roses?

What is the best way to water my Cluster Iceberg Roses?

You can help prevent disease and encourage a deep and healthy root system by watering your roses in a specific way. In the morning, set up a hose at ground level and soak the soil thoroughly near the drip line of each rose shrub. It is best to water roses by soaking at ground level early in the morning, underneath their foliage. Leaves with water sitting on them that don't dry off quickly are more susceptible to disease. A good rule of thumb for a deep watering is the 5 second rule: for each gallon size that your rose arrived in, water the roots for 5 seconds. The frequency at which you water should be determined by your local weather and soil drainage, which is why it is best to test the soil to see how quickly it dries - on average this is about once a week. A water gator bag or other slow drip tool can help make the chore of watering much easier.

What kind of fertilizer is best for my White Roses?

What kind of fertilizer is best for my White Roses?

We always recommend that gardeners utilize organic fertilizer products that are made with high quality ingredients. This is why we recommend products such as Espoma Rose-tone, Espoma Flower-tone or Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus. These products are easy to use, as you simply mix the slow release granules in the soil around the drip line of your rose, under the mulch if possible. It is best to fertilize your roses first in early spring, just before spring growth begins. Then, follow up again every 4 to 6 weeks between Mother's Day and Memorial Day. This is especially good for reblooming roses such as the Iceberg Floribunda rose. Stop fertilizing in the late summer or early fall, before last blooms have stopped, since it is soon time for your roses to begin entering dormancy - fertilizer will interrupt that natural process.

How do I prune Floribunda Iceberg Rose Bushes?

How do I prune Floribunda Iceberg Rose Bushes?

Pruning is an essential part of growing prime rose bushes. You can help guide how your roses focus their energy by careful pruning, depending on the season. Make sure that you have a set of pruning shears that are well sharpened, sanitized, and large enough to make a clean cut on any sized branch. The biggest cut back should be in the fall, at least a few weeks before the first frost. Prune your rose shrubs down until the branches reach 18 to 24 inches up from the ground. Pruning as a part of winterization helps your rose bush focus on its roots while preparing for dormancy, and it allows time for the cuts to seal before the first frosts. Then, after the winter, prune again in the very early spring. This is a chance to remove any dead branches, and a 'soft prune' of a few inches can encourage more branches to grow. Lastly, throughout the blooming season, deadheading your shrubs can help create space and energy for new buds. Simply cut a rose bloom off as far down as the next red bump on the branch - that red bump indicates a potential new branch or bud.

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