fatsia Spiders web produces interesting white flowers in winter Fatsia Spiders Web growing as an indoor house plant
fatsia Spiders web produces interesting white flowers in winter Fatsia Spiders Web growing as an indoor house plant

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Arailia Spider Web Plants

Fatsia japonica Spider's Web

Aralia or Fatsia Spiders Web can be grown as a houseplant in northern areas and as a outdoor landscape plant by those in the south. We love the white flowers that have a very interesting shape.

Growzone: 7-10

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Fatsia japonica 'Spiders Web' Aralia for Sale Online

Winter flowering Fatsia japonica Spiders Web is a fast-growing evergreen plant that can be grown in the landscape or as a houseplant. Fatsia adds a tropical feel to landscape plantings into zone 7.

About Your Arailia Spider Web Plants

How grow Fatsia Spiders Web

The white splashed foliage glows throughout the growing season. The white splashing changes as the plant ages. Because of its compact growth Fatsia Spiders Web is ideal as a mass planting or a border. Rarely do we get to offer a plant in both our shrub and our houseplant categories but with this exciting new plant we do. It does equally as well in the outside garden (where hardy) and in the house as a specimen houseplant.

Growing Zone: 7-10
Mature Height: 4 to 5 feet
Mature Width: 3 to 4 feet
Classification: Broad leaved evergreen shrub(If in zone 8 or further south) or houseplant (if in 7 or more north)
Sunlight: Part Sun to Part Shade
Habit: Densely branched, compact
Foliage: White splashed palmate leaves
Flower Color: Cluster of white flowers in spring
Pruning Season: Prune in winter ti maintain shape, Rarely needed
Soil Condition: any well drained soil
Water Requirements: water until established
Use: Extremely attractive when used as in the mixed border, foundations, or planted in mass. Great for containers.
This Plants Growzone: 7-10 Arailia Spider Web Plants Hardiness Zone

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