American Boxwood Shrubs

Buxus sempervirens

American boxwood Shrubs are easy to grow evergreen shrub that can be kept trimmed into a tall privacy hedge. One of the better hedge plants sold today. The Dark Green Leaves are Deer-Resistant.

Growzone: 5-9

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This Plants Growzone: 5-9
Growing Zone: 5 to 9
Mature Height: 10 to 12 Feet
Mature Width: 10 to 12 Feet
Classification: Evergreen Shrub
Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Shade
Habit: Upright
Flower Color Inconspicuous
Foliage Dark Green
Soil Condition Any well drained soil

American Boxwood Shrubs for Sale Online

American Boxwood Shrubs have glossy evergreen foliage on an upright plant. This growth habit makes this shrub ideal for a narrow hedge or background planting in full sun or part shade. Quite tolerant of shearing, this beauty requires minimal care to maintain its form. Deer Resistant Evergreen Shrub.

American or Common Boxwood

  • Evergreen
  • Very Hardy
  • Easy to maintain shape
  • Dark Green Color
  • Fast Growing

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Full Description

American Boxwood | Buxus sempervirens

Drought tolerant, deer resistant, pest and disease free, and evergreen. These are all words that describe one of the best boxwoods for use as a large hedge. Its no wonder American Boxwood has been a top choice of gardeners and landscapers for many many years. It is a slow growing dense shrub with dark green leaves that reaches a mature height of 10-12 feet tall.

American boxwoods can easily be pruned to any height or shape you desire, which is why its an excellent choice for use as a topiary. This is not a fast growing boxwood so you won't have to worry about it getting ahead of you and outgrowing its home.

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