Native Perennials for Sale Online

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Native perennials are ideal for any type of landscape. Native plants will often spread and multiply if allowed. Most are long-lasting bloomers, and many offer interesting foliage that holds their color throughout the growing season.

Often hard to find at a local garden center, native plants can be colorful, showy, and unique additions to the landscape. Native perennials grow well among other trees and shrubs.

Native Plants Are Easy To Grow & Maintain

Native Perennials are plants that are native to a specific area of our country and are often found growing in the wild. For example, Black-Eyed Susan is located over large portions of the United States. Its native habitat is open, moist woods. Their long-lasting blooms make them an excellent choice for anyone living in hardy zones 3-9. It will self-seed where happy.

Swamp Milkweed is usually hardy and easy to grow perennial. It is native to the Eastern part of North America. It grows in large clusters or clumps of soft pink flowers. It is a child's favorite because of its fullness, color, and its ability to attract Monarch Butterflies which will lay their eggs on the undersides of the leaves.

When choosing Native perennials to grow in your garden it is often misstated by some that the plants should be indigenous to within 25 miles of your home. this has been proven to be false over the years. As in the case of migrating monarchs which can fly hundreds of miles. Perhaps swamp milkweed is not native to within the 25-mile radius of your garden but the monarchs will certainly thank you for providing the sole larval food source.

Learning More About Native Perennials

You can learn more about native perennials by visiting your local botanic garden. They will often have displays set up to help you discover the diversity within each native plant family. We've included a link to the Best botanical gardens in the United States.

If you are new to mail order plants and are full of questions feel free to drop us a line at and one of our horticultural experts will be happy to help answer all your questions. All of our plants are shipped in the nursery growing pots they were grown in and we do not ship bare-root plants.