Dwarf Shrubs for Sale Online

Have you noticed that landscapes are getting smaller? Whether you're landscaping a home in the city or purchased a new home in suburban houses is getting bigger, and yards are getting smaller. In the past smaller landscapes quickly outgrew themselves and quickly became unmanageable and perhaps even unsightly. Only full-sized shrubs were available to the homeowner, and it was a struggle to keep them tame. Fast forward to today's world where the hustle and bustles of everyday life keep us so busy we struggle to find time for everyday tasks, let alone pruning landscape shrubs to keep them in bounds.

To help gardeners and landscapers with this problem, plant breeders have embarked on a mission to give us all of the attributes we love about shrubs in smaller packages. These new dwarf varieties have been selected to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of time needed to keep a shrub in bounds. The new dwarf varieties of shrubs have been bred not only for reduced size, but most offer more flowers and increased disease resistance.

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There is a wide variety of dwarf shrubs family, and they can easily be broken down into categories.

Dwarf Flowering Shrubs:

Dwarf flowering shrubs provide a myriad of colors and bloom times. The newer varieties even boast the ability to rebloom in some cases several times a year. They require no deadheading to do so and will remain short even without being pruned.

Butterfly bushes, for example, have been a mainstay in the larger landscapes for a very long time, but due to the large size were often not used in smaller gardens. Thanks to our friends at Proven Winners, we have the pleasure of bringing you the Pugster and the Lo-and Behold series of Dwarf Butterfly Bushes. These two series of buddleia only reach up to 3 feet tall and lower.

Dwarf flowering shrubs, such as the Dwarf Butterfly Bushes, are ideal for urban and suburban gardeners with limited space or limited time to spend maintaining the landscape. The flower production on these little gems is amazing. Don't think that being dwarf makes them slow growing. These buddleias are fast-growing shrubs, quite drought-tolerant, and are their easy care is a bonus.

Lilacs are another plant long grown in the larger landscapes. For years gardeners wanted the sweet fragrance in their gardens that lilac shrubs create. Many of us remember seeing vases filled with dark green leaves and pink flowers that our grandmothers cut from the garden to bring indoors.

Luckily breeders also remembered this and gave us Lilac Palibin and Lilac Miss Kim. Two perfect flowering lilacs for even the smallest of landscapes.

Don't forget, forsythia. Forsythia has enjoyed being one of the most planted shrubs in the country but was limited to larger gardens due to its immense size. Again our friends at Proven Winners have come to the rescue with Show Off Sugar Baby Dwarf Forsythia, an easy to grow dwarf forsythia. Now even the smallest garden can witness spring exploding in the form of bright yellow forsythia flowers.

Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs:

Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs fit into small landscapes and bring a sense of permanence to the garden. Evergreens can be used as hedge plants, background plants, container plants, and even specimens or focal points. Dwarf conifers provide year-round color and structure to the garden. Dwarf conifers are perfect for foundation planting and will provide a home with color even in the winter.

Dwarf Boxwoods:

Boxwoods are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Many new dwarf varieties are now available, and we know more are coming. Boxwoods, whether they are dwarf varieties or their full-size cousins, have many uses in the landscape.

The dark green leaves and perfect shape offers curb appeal to just about any home. They offer an easy to care for option for hedges or simply a specimen in the garden. A few of the new varieties are listed below.

Boxwood Baby Gem: Baby Gem Boxwood Shrubs are a dwarf broad-leaved evergreen shrub that grows as tall as it does wide. They reach an easily maintainable size of 4 feet by 4 feet and resemble a little green muffin in the landscape. It's an exceptionally compact boxwood that is excellent for use in smaller gardens. The evergreen foliage is dense and adds a distinctive look to the landscape.

Baby Gem Boxwood Shrubs retain their color particularly well in winter when other boxwoods turn a bronze color. The moderate growth rate and dwarf habit makes this boxwood ideal for use throughout the United States. Baby Gem Boxwood Shrubs are deer-resistant and drought tolerant once established.

Baby Jade Boxwood: Think of Baby Jade boxwood as Baby Gem’s more petite, compact, and good-looking cousin...because that’s exactly what it is! Super-fine evergreen foliage holds its hue throughout the year and makes for perfectly dense hedges. The small but mighty 3 x 3 stature also works wonderfully for smaller gardens or focal areas. Baby Jade Boxwood sets the new standard for the classic hedge plant. Its dense, evergreen growth makes it perfect for shearing into a small, formal hedge. Ideal for defining different spaces in the garden or for a tidy foundation cover-up. It is especially lovely against red brick.