buy eastern white pines for sale at garden goods direct a close look at a young pine cone of the eastern white pine tree sold online buy white pine trees online for privacy screens or windbreaks Close Up View of Eastern White Pines Fine Feathery Evergreen Needles buy green eastern white pine trees online at garden goods direct
buy eastern white pines for sale at garden goods direct a close look at a young pine cone of the eastern white pine tree sold online buy white pine trees online for privacy screens or windbreaks Close Up View of Eastern White Pines Fine Feathery Evergreen Needles buy green eastern white pine trees online at garden goods direct

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Eastern White Pine Tree

Pinus strobus

White Pine Trees are a fast-growing evergreen tree that's best used in landscapes with ample space. The fine feathery needles, open canopy, and straight trunk get more picturesque as they age. White Pines are long-lived, fast-growing trees, and they are the perfect tree for windbreaks, buffer plantings, or privacy screens in large open areas.

Growzone: 3-8

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Eastern White Pine Trees for Sale Online

The Eastern White Pine grows almost everywhere in the United States. It is hardy in USDA zones 3 – 8. It isn’t picky about soil and will grow in sandy and heavy clay soils equally well. It is also practically maintenance-free. The only major maintenance is limbing-up (pruning back low branches) after several years of growth.

Unlike some evergreen plants, the Eastern White Pine does not have many pest and disease problems. If you’ve had problems with Leyland Cypress in your yard, this plant is a great replacement. One of the best features of this evergreen compared to others is that deer don’t favor the taste. What’s the point in planting a beautiful evergreen if you have to cover it up with burlap or deer netting every winter? This tree does just fine without additional protections.

Eastern White Pine Tree Plant GuideHow to Plant Eastern White Pine Trees

About Your Eastern White Pine Tree

How Can Eastern White Pine Be Used in the Landscape?

Because of its ease of care and maintenance, this pine tree is a perfect choice for any homeowner who needs a fast-growing evergreen tree for privacy. When you buy Eastern White pine trees, they can be used as a screening buffer for privacy, or as a bold focal point when planted as a specimen due to the bright green coloring of the foliage.


Eastern White Pine trees make a great windbreak, standing up to the strongest of winter winds. Windbreaks are also a perfect way to reduce your heating bills in the winter by blocking the cold winds that sneak into the house and create chilly drafts. The rest of the year, they can be used to block the low setting sun in the evenings which tends to heat up a room quickly.

Privacy Screens

White pines are a great tree to use as a privacy screen in large landscapes with a lot of open space. It is also great if you need to create fast privacy for your home. It grows around 2-3 feet per year in optimal conditions. We recommend planting Eastern White Pine in a line about 10 feet apart from each other to create quick privacy, however, they can be planted at 15 to 20-foot intervals if you don’t mind waiting a bit for privacy.

When planting a single tree, the tree takes on a pyramidal shape and can be grown as a specimen tree to break sight-lines. You can also plant in a double row to create privacy and reduce noise from a busy roadway adjacent to your property for example.

Sound Buffer

Planting Eastern White Pines in a staggered row not only creates privacy and a windbreak, but also acts as a sound buffer. To do this, plant one row of trees and then plant another row 6 to 8 feet in front of the first row filling in the gaps between the plants. This method creates instant privacy and will virtually eliminate unwanted sounds once it fills in.

Mature Height: 50 to 60 Feet
Mature Width: 20 to 30 Feet
Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Foliage color: Dark green
Soil Conditions: Adaptable to most soil conditions
Growth Rate: 3-5 Feet/year one established
This Plants Growzone: 3-8 Eastern White Pine Tree Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Eastern White Pine Tree

After you buy an Eastern White Pine from Garden Goods Direct, follow the planting and care instructions below for the best outcome:

How do I plant Eastern White Pine Trees?

How do I plant Eastern White Pine Trees?

A question that comes up often is, “when is the best time to plant pine trees?” For the most part, container trees can be planted year-round, provided the ground isn’t frozen. In southern regions, many nurseries and Christmas tree growers plant year-round, weather permitting. Plant the tree in an area where it can receive bright sunlight or partial shade. When planting a potted Eastern White Pine, remember the only water source the tree has, is its small root ball, and all the water the tree uses must come from there until new roots can grow into the surrounding soil. When you buy white pine trees, they will come planted in a pot. As you are planting them in your yard or garden, never plant it deeper than originally planted in the pot. Doing so can cause rotting of the stem and death to the tree. Staking young trees is recommended to give the tree additional support while it grows. When tying trees to stakes remember the tree will continue to grow. Loosely tie the Eastern White Pine with several twist ties to allow for growth. Check trees every three months and loosen as needed. If this is not done, the twist tie will grow into the tree causing injury.

What is the best fertilizer for White Pine Trees?

What is the best fertilizer for White Pine Trees?

When planting your Eastern White Pine Trees, we recommend that you use Bio-tone starter fertilizer by Espoma. Simply mix the recommended amount of Bio-tone into the back-fill soil and water in generously when back-filled. This is an all-natural plant food that is combined with a stronger concentration of our beneficial bacteria along with both endo and ectomycorrhizae. This means that the “good” fungus from the starter fertilizer colonizes on the growing roots of your new plant, reducing the risk of disease-causing fungus to attack your freshly planted tree. It has also shown promise in stimulating the growth of the new roots, which means a quicker establishment for your plant. After establishment and during the following years, we recommend using Holly-Tone at the recommended rates. It is also an organic and slow-release fertilizer which will feed your trees the proper amount of nutrients over a period of time rather than all at once. This can burn the root tips and actually have the opposite effect of slowing down plant growth. It also will help to maintain the acidity level in the soil that the Eastern White Pine needs to thrive.

How often do I water Eastern Pine Trees?

How often do I water Eastern Pine Trees?

Eastern White Pine Trees are drought tolerant, however, they grow slowly without adequate water. Properly watering the tree after planting is extremely important. To do so, backfill and lightly compact the 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost and then give the tree a good deep watering. Do not rush watering them as most of the water you put on the plant at first will run away from the plant until the soil is saturated. A general rule of thumb is to count to five for every one gallon of pot size. For example, a one-gallon pot would be watered until you count to five, a three-gallon pot would be 15, and so on. Check the plant daily for the first week or so and then every other day thereafter.

How do I mulch an Eastern White Pine?

How do I mulch an Eastern White Pine?

We highly recommend that you mulch this tree with either a ground hardwood mulch or a ground cypress mulch depending on your local availability. While any type of mulch will do, those types are a much higher quality and can provide your plants with better nutrition as it breaks down into the soil. Mulching is beneficial because it helps ward off weeds from growing and stealing the nutrients from your tree. When you’re ready for this step, lay down a 2-3 inch layer of mulch on top of your soil, and leave about an inch of space between the mulch and the base of the tree. As the tree begins to mature, you’ll find it will start to produce its own mulch in the form of fallen needles or “Pine Straw.” In September and October, this pine “sheds “all of its needles that grew out the previous year. This is normal and is actually a sign of a healthy White Pine. These needles make excellent mulch and can be either left in place or raked up and used to mulch other plants that love acidic soil.

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