6 Best Plants To Elevate Your Feng Shui

6 Best Plants To Elevate Your Feng Shui

Sep 9, 2022

It’s no secret that plants have a way of elevating a space and making a house feel more like home.

From purifying the air to relieving stress and providing plant parents with joy and fulfillment, there are endless reasons to incorporate indoor plants into your space. But beyond the physical and mental benefits, traditional Feng Shui principles highlight that plants are an extremely important element in welcoming positive energy into one’s home.

Feng Shui Plant Principles

In addition to furniture placement and architectural design, Feng Shui experts highly recommend adding plants to your space. According to MS Feng Shui founder Jessie Kim, plants and their location in your home are extremely important.

A few factors to consider when choosing which plants to use in your space include foliage color, leaf shape, and plant health.

Plants with larger foliage or full, lush foliage are certainly favored over plants with less and smaller leaves. Additionally, it is important to opt for more round, softer-looking plants to keep in places where you want to exude relaxation and calming energy.

On the other hand, plants with sharp edges like snake plants and cacti should be used in places you want protective energy such as around doorways and in spaces of vulnerability.

The last factor to take into account when selecting the right plants for your space is plant health. Plants that have been heavily neglected and are dying are the worst thing you could bring into your space if you're looking to promote good energy. Always cut off any dead leaves and do your best to keep your plants clean, happy and healthy.

String of Pearls

string of pearls

Originating from Africa, Senecio Rowleyanus–or more commonly known as String of Pearls, are trailing succulents that exude elegance and grace.

In just looking at this stunning houseplant, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to incorporate it into their home décor for good vibes and balanced energy.

The round edges of this plant’s foliage work to create harmony and peace in a space. Place your pearls in a space with bright indirect light and watch as your space's energy transforms.

Chinese Money Plant

chinese money plant feng shui

Next on our list of plants to elevate your Feng Shui and radiate positive energy is the Pilea Peperomides or the Chinese Money Plant.

This fun-loving plant is known to be a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and wealth.

The round shiny leaves not only make for a stunning décor piece, but they are also great for purifying the air and absorbing radiation. Feng Shui experts recommend putting the Chinese Money Plant near your electronics, so in a living room or office, this plant would surely work its magic.

Zeylanica Snake Plant

zeylanica snake plant feng shui

Snake plants, although giving off a more fierce, and bold energy, are infamously known as great plants to incorporate to improve your Feng Shui. Loved for their air purifying qualities, and Zen colors, snake plants have a way of cleansing a space of all its negative energy.

The Zeylanica Snake Plant is said to promote courage and increase your ability to make good judgments. So a space where you feel like a lot of heavy decisions are made would be ideal for the snake plant.

The fierce nature of the snake plant also gives off the elements of protection which is why many enjoy placing snake plants at the entrances of their homes and outside doorways.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera feng shui

In much research and talk about Feng Shui, Aloe is a plant you will see mentioned time and time again.

Aloe Vera is one of the most readily used houseplants for creating good energy in a space for a variety of reasons.

Beyond providing a stunning pop of green color to a room, aloe plants resonate with healing energy. This stunning plant also carries with it energies of good luck and harmony in relationships. The most accepted location for aloe is in the kitchen or living room–spaces where people are known to gather.

Arbequina Olive Tree

olive tree feng shui

Fruit-producing trees are said to increase one’s feeling of abundance.

Bringing with it the collective energy of a European escape, an Arbequina Olive Tree is such a great option to bring peace, wisdom, stability, and tranquility.

The gentle branches and shiny foliage adds so much beauty to your indoor space. Place these beauties near windows and in corners to promote optimistic and fruitful energy.

What more could you want in an indoor tree?

Money Tree

money tree feng shui

Last on the list of plants to bring good vibes and a balanced Feng Shui is the Money Tree.

Much like the Money Plant, the Money Tree is praised in the world of Feng Shui. Experts have said that the Money Tree is one of the best living examples of harmony and balance.

If you are looking to attract wealth, abundance, and luck, the money tree is the plant for you.