Arbequina Olive Tree

Olea europaea

Growzone: 7-10

Arbequina Olive Tree is a fast-growing tree that produces delicious fruit which can be pressed for oil. 

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8" pot 2 Feet Tall $54.95
10" pot 4-5' tall' $109.95
Full Description

Plant one near your patio or porch in Zone 7 or higher so you'll never miss a moment of this exceptional tree’s harvest and beauty. These also do well in containers and adjust easily from outdoor to indoor for winter so those in colder climates can enjoy them year round. Arbequina Olive Tree is a graceful, gentle tree with small dark green leaves that prefers to be in bright, direct light. These trees would do best with exposure to a western or southern window indoors and in a protected spot outdoors in zone 7. Arbequina Olive Tree, otherwise known as the European Olive, serves as an excellent focal point for any room in the house. These versatile trees can even be placed outside in full sun in regions where it is hardy.

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Additional Information

History and introduction of Arbequina Olive Tree:

Olive trees are one of the first trees to be cultivated (2500 B.C. in Crete). An olive branch is a symbol of peace.