5 Plant Pairings for the Early Spring Landscape

5 Plant Pairings for the Early Spring Landscape

Feb 2, 2024

For many, the purpose of life is defined by the ability to find your ‘other half,’ the piece that makes you whole and the person who compliments you like no other. This idea of a soulmate, or someone that you share a deep connection with, is a concept that has been romanticized since the early 19th century.

In the spirit of love, with Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, we decided to focus this blog on the idea of soulmates for plants, AKA Soilmates! In this blog, we will dive into five companion plant pairings for the early spring landscape. These plants are beautiful when planted alone, but when paired together they create a living masterpiece. Keep reading to learn more about the trees, shrubs, and perennials that are simply plant matches made in heaven! Plant these duos in your yard this spring season, and get ready to fall in love with their harmonious beauty year after year!

Factors To Consider When Pairing Plants In The Landscape

Before we dive into the spring plant pairings of our dreams, we must first go over the main factors to consider when pairing plants in the landscape. Because plants are so particular when it comes to growing conditions, you cannot just pick any two plants at random and hope that they will thrive. It is essential that you first take into account the following factors.

Growing Conditions

The first and most important factor you will want to consider when selecting your plant pairs is the required growing conditions of the plant. You will want to select plants that are suited to your specific grow zone and that have similar needs when it comes to light levels, watering, and soil conditions! If you select a tree that requires a ton of water and pair it with a plant that is more suited to dry conditions, one way or another, you are likely going to be disappointed and end up with one or multiple dead plants.

Growth Patterns

The next thing you want to keep in mind is the growth pattern of your plants. Pairing a ground cover plant with a vertical growing shrub is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, whereas if you select two plants with vertical growth habits, they are likely to compete for the spotlight and ruin the harmony of your garden. It’s best to select a duo with opposite growth patterns so both can grow happily without interference.

Complimentary Colors

The last thing to consider when choosing soilmate-esque plants is the colors! While we are all for a garden filled with a rainbow of colors, there is something so special about selecting plants intentionally based on what compliments the other best! Check out the complimentary color wheel to get some inspiration for your next garden pairing!

Perfect Companion Plant Pairings For Spring

Can’t think of any plants to pair in your garden? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered! Below are five of our favorite spring plant pairs that bloom in early spring!

wisteria in bloom on a trellis with bright pink azalea shrubs along a pond

Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine & Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double Azalea

The first iconic plant duo that we simply adore in the early spring landscape is Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine and the Bloom-a-thon Pink Double Azalea. The whimsical cascade of purple Wisteria blooms climbs effortlessly on trellises and arbors while the hot pink Bloom-a-Thon Azalea pops against the subtle greens of the landscape. We just fell in love...did you?

Pink Drift Rose & White Kousa Dogwood Tree

Next on the list of spring plant pairings we can't get enough of is the classic Pink Drift Rose Shrub planted in a neat row in front of the majestic White Kousa Dogwood Tree.

The way the white blooms tower over the vibrant sea of roses is a site that cannot be beat. Not to mention these plants both thrive in well-drained soils and moderate sunshine!

vibrant eastern redbud blooms with a backdrop of golden forsythia

Spring Glory Forsythia & Eastern Redbud

While we're on the topic of breathtaking blooms, we can't forget two of spring's most glorious ealry bloomers! Spring Glory Forsythia and Eastern Redbud Trees are two of the very first plants to explode in color in spring! If you are eager to get the blooms going in your landscape, than this is likely the duo for you. We'll admit, this pairing does go a bit against our policy of complimentary colors, but there is something about the bold yellows and deep magenta blooms together that just makes our heart flutter!

Natchez Crape Myrtle & Cats Pajamas Nepeta

Our next companion plant pairing we adore for landscapes in spring is the Natchez Crape Myrtle and Cats Pajamas Nepeta. The cool-toned peeling bark and vibrant green leaves on the Natchez Crape Myrtle make for such a beautiful contrast with the sweet lilac blooms on the Nepeta. These plants are both known to be readily adaptable to their environments and are praised for their drought tolerance, so in addition to beauty, you also have the low-maintenance nature to fall in love with as well! It's important to note that the Crape Myrtle's main season of interest is not till the summer when it produces a mass of white blooms but this just makes this duo that much more intriguing!

petite knockout rose bushes and hostas planted in a row along a front porch

Petite Knock Out Rose Bush & Hosta Francee

Last but certainly not least on our list of soilmate plants that were made to grow side by side is the Petite Knock Out Rose Bush and the Hosta Francee. The low-growing nature of the Petite Knock Out Bush makes for the perfect back drop for the shade-loving Hosta Francee. Not to mention, the vibrant reds alongside the neon greens and white stripes are just to-die-for! Do you love this duo as much as we do?

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