Microbiota Decussata

Microbiota decussata (UBC Clone)

Growzone: 2-7

Shade Loving Evergreen Siberian Cypress

Microbiota is a very low growing, spreading evergreen shrub that has a juniper-like appearance with bright spearmint green, feathery, foliage. In the winter it develops a brown-purple hue in cold weather. A graceful, hardy evergreen that is well-suited for use in rock gardens or massed as an easy-care groundcover.

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Growing Microbiota in the Lanscape

Microbiota Decussata is a beautiful addition to any garden. Microbiota Decussata is a ground cover that is perfect for foundations, wall planters where it can cascade, group or mass plantings, raised planters, and embankments. The lush foliage of the Microbiota Decussata is bright green during the spring and a bronze during the fall and winter months. The stems of Microbiota Decussata have gracefully down-turned ends that spread out through your garden adding an elegant shade of green.

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History of Microbiota Decussata:

Microbiota Decussata is a evergreen shrub that is a member of the cypress family known as Cupressaceae. The plant is native to a limited area of the Sikhote-Alin mountains in Primorskiy Krai in the Russian Far East. Microbiota Decussata was discovered in 1923, but because of political secrecy in the Soviet Union, there was no knowledge of this plant outside of the country for about 50 years. This plant is often used as a substitution for Junipers because it has similar qualities and characteristics.