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Jack's Classic African Violet Fertilizer

This water soluble African Violet fertilizer will have your violets pushing out stunning foliage and more plentiful blooms. Woodie can't believe the way his African Violet's took off with the use of Jack's fertilizer, and neither will you!

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African Violet Fertilizer for Sale Online

Jack's Classic African Violet Fertilizer 12-36-14 is designed for use on all types of African Violet plants by supplying the roots, leaves, and buds with nutrients.

How to use Jacks Classic African Violet Fertilizer

This package includes an 8 oz bag of blue powdered fertilizer, paper instructions, and a small measuring cup.

For best results, use a constant feed system for every watering. The recommended dose is 1/4 Teaspoon per gallon; store in a clean container and use whenever watering plants.

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