Hamamelis Vernalis

Hamamelis vernalis

Growzone: 4-8

Hamamelis Vernalis is an attractive late fall-blooming, low maintenance native shrub or small tree that grows best in part shade and medium-wet, slightly acidic soils. The yellow flowers are one of the last to appear in fall and early winter and are long lasting.

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Full Description

Hamamelis Vernalis, commonly called Ozark Witch Hazel, is a tall shrub or small tree with fragrant yellow flowers that open in mid-late January. When the seed capsule splits open in fall, 1-2 black seeds explode out of it, landing up to 30 feet away. Various birds and wildlife eat the seed after it falls to the ground. Witch-hazel has upright spreading branches are perfect nesting sites for a variety of birds. Deep, golden yellow fall leaf color can be outstanding.

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