• Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber
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Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber

Calibrachoa hybrid "Superbells Double Amber"

You'll love the warm colors of Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber. It's warm tone and rosebud shaped flowers look at home in fall planters.

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Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber for Sale Online

Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber produces small, double rosebud blooms of Superbells Double Amber in your summer containers. The small blooms look like little rosebuds that are nestled above the dark green leaves. Superbells Double Amber Calibrachoa features golden yellowish orange, double blooms with red veining. Perfect for use in containers and hanging baskets, Superbells® Double Amber reaches 6 to 12 inches tall and spreads or trails up to 18 inches long.

Combine the mounding, trailing habit with abundant flowers, and you have a spiller like no other plant in your mixed patio pots! Superbells Double Amber Calibrachoa cascades over the edges of mixed containers and baskets, setting the whole combination ablaze with its glowing blooms. Grow Calibrachoas on a sunny patio and enjoy up-close visits from hummingbirds. The nectar is a hummingbird favorite.

Growzone: 9-11 Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber Hardiness Zone
Hardiness Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 6 to 12 Inches
Mature Width: 12 to 24 Inches
Classification: Fall Interest, Annual
Habit: Mounding, trailing
Flower Color: Amber-Orange
Foliage: Green
Attracts: Hummingbirds, bees
Uses: Mass planting, container plants
Soil Condition: Prefers slightly dry
Light: Full sun, partial sun
Water Requirements: Water frequently, allow soil to dry

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