red foliage on bonfire peach tree Bonfire Peach Tree light pink spring flower cluster
red foliage on bonfire peach tree Bonfire Peach Tree light pink spring flower cluster

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Bonfire Patio Peach Tree

Prunus persica 'Bonfire'

This small cultivar not only produces tasty and sweet fruit, but it adds visual interest and depth to any garden. Its dark green and purple-black leaves add beautiful contrast to the red-orange fruit the tree produces.


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Bonfire Patio Peach Trees (Prunus persica 'Bonfire') are dwarf peach trees that are excellent choices for small spaces and gardens. This fruit tree produces unique purple-black leaves and pink blossoms that turn into peaches. The peaches on the Bonfire tree are sweet and excellent for baking or canning. Unline Bonanza Patio Peach trees, the peaches on Bonfire peach trees are comparable in size to larger peach trees.

The Bonfire Patio Peach trees get their name because it does excellent in containers and as a patio container plant. This tree will only grow to about 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. Even though it is a dwarf cultivar, it produces sweet, succulent, and sizeable peaches year after year.

Hardiness Zone: 6-9
Mature Height: 4-5 feet
Mature width: 4-5 feet
Classification: Broad-leaved deciduous tree, spring flowering
Sunlight: Full sun
Foliage: Dark green, purple-black
Fruit Color: Red and yellow
Pruning Season: Late winter, early spring
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirement: Water well until established
Growzone: 6-9 Bonfire Patio Peach Tree Hardiness Zone 6-9

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