large well grown meyer asparagus fern filling a pot on a shady patio
large well grown meyer asparagus fern filling a pot on a shady patio

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Meyer's Asparagus Ferns

Asparagus aethiopicus 'Meyeri'

The Meyer asparagus Fern has lacy, light foliage making this house plant an attractive addition to any home. Beautiful for use in hanging baskets and containers on balconies and patios.

Growzone: 9-11

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Meyer's Asparagus Ferns for Sale Online

Meyer's Asparagus Ferns find its way into hanging baskets and mixed annual containers for the summer because of its easy-going, tolerant nature. The lush, full foliage fills any container with a solid green color.

  • Unique feathery, light, bright green foliage is especially attractive as an indoor houseplant
  • Popular container plant often used for spiller
  • Not ideal for homes with small children or pets due to the toxic nature of the leaves

About Your Meyer's Asparagus Ferns

Growing Asparagus Fern Meyeri

This fern looks beautiful in hanging baskets or mixed containers because it goes well with any color of foliage or any color flower. Luckily, Asparagus Fern Meyeri can also handle full sun to full shade, and indoors it just needs some light from a windowsill. Asparagus Fern Meyeri is happiest with bright, indirect Asparagus Fern Meyeri is a fluffy, full fern that keeps bright green colored foliage. Even though the foliage is thin and needle like, Asparagus Fern adds a very dense, arching look to planters and mixed containers. Planted solely in hanging baskets, these plants can hold their own. Indoors, these ferns prefer bright, direct light from a windowsill with consistently moist soil. Asparagus Fern Meyeris are an excellent choice as a background foliage plant or as part of a centerpiece, as they don't get as large as other houseplants.light, and needs some light unlike other ferns.  

Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 12" - 18"
Mature Width: 10" - 16"
Classification: Green Foliage
Sunlight: Bright, indirect light to Full sun (if outdoors)
Habit: Upright to arching, full
Flower Color: Small white flowers outdoors only
Foliage: Green, needle like
Soil Condition: Likes to dry out occasionally
Water Requirements: Does not like to dry out much between watering
Uses: Excellent individually or in a container or hanging basket, inside or out
This Plants Growzone: 9-11 Meyer's Asparagus Ferns Hardiness Zone

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