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Few things are more beautiful in the winter landscape than evergreen trees and the unique forms and textures that some deciduous trees offer. From the icy blue color of the Blue Spruce to the exfoliating white bark of the river birch, many trees have just as much appeal in the winter as they do during all the other seasons.

The beauty of a landscape can be appreciated during all four seasons. Many gardeners think the attraction of a landscape ends when the colorful fall leaves finally find their winter homes at the base of the trees. Often the allure of a winter landscape can have an equal beauty in the eye of the beholder.  Trees have the added appeal of texture and permanence in the garden due to their size and architectural qualities.

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Incorporating trees with winter interest will enhance your landscape, and you will enjoy winter in the garden as much as you do in the spring and summer.

Evergreen trees are the easiest way to incorporate interest and appeal into the landscape, but they are only one aspect of the creation of 4 season curb appeal. Evergreens are found in various shapes, sizes, and colors, with varieties of gold, green, blue, and silver.

Conifers such as the Black Hills Spruce or the Eastern White Pine look gorgeous with a coating of freshly fallen snow. The bright, vivid green of Arborvitae Emerald Green seems to bring life to the winter, especially when silhouetted against the dark gray skies of mid-winter. Not only do these majestic trees add touches of color to your landscape, but they can be used to block the gales of winter. Many types of wildlife, including songbirds, find shelter among the dense branches.

Broadleaf evergreen trees like the dragon lady holly and the ever-popular Nellie Stevens Holly add pleasing green color and festive reds in the form of the berries that last all winter. Sprigs of holly have been used for generations as holiday decorations and can be added to wreaths and table arrangements in many homes.

Evergreen trees are not the only trees with winter interest. Many deciduous trees add appeal to the winter garden. The Natchez Crape Myrtle is well known for its cinnamon-colored bark enhanced by the outer bark's exfoliation in winter. River birches need no introduction. These wonderful trees can be seen in gardens around the country and real standouts when under-planted with darker colored evergreen shrubs that enhance the white bark.