Trees With White Flowers For sale

White flowering trees are lovely as single specimens or when planted in groups. Traditional favorite white flowering trees include Cleveland Pears, dogwood trees, crape myrtles, and ornamental cherry trees, but there are many other options as well. White blends well with almost any color, so it's easy to work these trees into the landscape without worrying about color matching or the dreaded color clash.

Trees with White flowers that Bloom in Spring

American Fringe Trees: The fringe tree gets its name from its clouds of fleecy white, softly fragrant flowers that hang from the branches in late spring and early summer. The typical bloom time is in early to mid-May.

Royal Star Magnolia: this member of the Magnolia stellata flowers in early spring and fills the air with a heavenly scent. The large white flowers are often a welcome sight just after the last snow of the season. Other members of the stellata family tend to flower earlier than Royal Star and are damaged by early spring frosts. This makes Royal Star a great tree for northern areas that often have late winter events.

Standing Ovation Serviceberry: If your searching for a spring flowering tree for a small garden or landscape, you've just found it. You get white flowers in the spring, edible fruit in the summer, and the most mind-blowing colors in the fall. Reaching only 15 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide, even the smallest garden can find a white flowering tree spot.

Snow Goose Flowering Cherry Tree: Snow Goose Cherry is blanketed in stunning clusters of fragrant white flowers along the early spring branches. It can reach a height of 20 feet with an equal spread. You get spectacular fall color with this cherry. Orange, Bronze-red, and yellow are all present on the tree at once.

Native Flowering Dogwoods: Cherokee Princess Dogwood is our white-flowering native dogwood tree. Snow-white flowers are produced even before the leaves are in the spring. The flowers turn to red fruit, which songbirds flock to. In the fall, the leaves turn a gorgeous purple-red color. Cherokee Princess is the top choice for white-flowering native dogwood trees. Possibly the perfect small tree for smaller gardens and landscapes typically reaching from 15 to 20 feet at maturity.

Cleveland Pear Tree: Flowering Pear Trees are quite possibly the perfect tree for planting along sidewalks, Driveways, and using as Street Trees in urban areas. Cleveland Pears are an improvement over Bradford Pears and Aristocrat Pears since you get their same symmetrical shape in a much hardier, stronger tree with no risk of breaking during winter storms or high winds. The Cleveland Pear also has a pleasant aroma…unlike the Bradford, famous for its unpleasant odor.

Trees with White Flowers that Bloom in Summer

Japanese Snowbell Tree: Styrax japonica is a compact tree that produces lightly fragrant white flowers in late May into June. Yellow fall leaves add a splash of color. One of the true highlights of this tree really shows in the winter when the fissured bark can be seen. As the fissures open, the bright orange inner bark is revealed, adding winter interest to the landscape. 

Sweetbay Magnolia: One of the true jewels of our native flowering trees that bloom. This tree typically reaches up to 15 feet tall and tolerates wet soil. The fragrant white flowers in late May and June have a citrus scent reminiscent of lemons. Magnolia virginiana is semi-evergreen so expect to see some leaves hanging on through the winter. Typically grown as a multi-stemmed tree.

Southern Magnolias: Southern Magnolias have always been thought of as giant members of the flowering tree family. Now you can have a southern magnolia in the smallest of landscapes as well. Southen magnolias flower in the summer and few plants can rival the evergreen wonders' delectable scent. Brackens Brown Beauty is one of the bigger members, followed by Teddy Bear for a mid-sized option and finally the baby of Little Gem, at 15 to 20 Feet.

Kousa Dogwood Trees: Various Kousa Dogwood family members have shown to be some of the best summer-flowering trees with white flowers. With the Japanese Dogwoods, it's not only about flower color. Many leaf colors helped these trees find their way into the American landscape. Kousa Dogwoods flower in late May into June and are some of the most floriferous trees available.

For starters, we have the Milky Way Kousa Dogwood with its green leaves that stay beautiful for the entire growing season. Wolf Eyes Dogwood has the same Flowers and berries as the Kousa Dogwood, but the leaves are grayish-green with ivory-white variegation around the edges. Summer Gold Dogwood produces the same Grey-Green leaves, but the edges are golden yellow and turn pink as the temperatures cool in the fall.

Ivory Silk Lilac Trees: Who can resist the heavenly fragrance of the lilac. Did you know that Lilacs don't always have to be multi-stemmed shrubs? Ivory Silk Lilac is grown as a tree with a single stem that can reach 20 feet tall. The tree form lilac produces creamy-white flowers that can reach over 12 inches in length. The blooms are just as fragrant as any other Lilac flower and will surely fill your yard with its sweet fragrance.

Crape Myrtle Trees cannot be forgotten when talking about White Flowering Trees. Few trees put on the show that Crape Myrtle trees do when they are in full bloom. Ebony and Ivory Crape Myrtle and Ebony Glow Crape Myrtle both bloom with white flowers but have dark leaves. This effect causes the flowers to stand out naturally due to the dark background created by the foliage.

Perhaps the single most popular crape myrtle sold today is the Natchez Crape Myrtle. Natchez Crape myrtle produces pure white flowers on a tall plant. One of the best features of this crape myrtle is the exfoliating bark that shows up in the winter. The bark is a mix of greyish-tan with cinnamon-colored highlights as the bark sheds. This crape myrtle truly has four seasons of interest.