Shrubs with Green Flowers

When we think of flowering shrubs, we often think of pinks, reds, and white, but perhaps the more unique and interesting finds are the shrubs with green flowers. Green is a difficult find when it comes to flowering plants, so we are often mesmerized when we come across them.

The monochromatic color scheme is sure to pull you in, intrigued and excited by the soft lime green flower clusters. Green flowering shrubs are a perfect compliment too surrounding bolder colors.

Many perennials and annuals bear soft green plumes, but the most common shrub to do so is the hydrangea:

Hydrangeas such as Limelight, Little Lime, and Candle Apple begin the blooming season lime green, but when the temperatures cool and autumn begins to creep in, they transform into a beautiful mix of maroon and green.

If you're looking for a green flowering shrub that holds its mint color the entire season,  the Lava Lamp Moonnrock Hydrangea has big, voluptuous light green and white flower clusters that bloom from July through August.

The Pistachio hydrangea is a multicolored hydrangea so while their flower blooms might not be completely green, they have an unbeatable mix of pink, purple, and green.