Cast Iron Plants shiny green foliage adds a tropical flair to any indoor decor Single Cast Iron Plant with flat dark green waxy leaves beautifully contrasted in white planter Cast Iron Plants can be planted in the landscape outdoors up to zone 7 closeup of Cast Iron Plant's elongated oval shape foliage in sunlight

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Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior

Rarely in this business can we offer a plant as a low light house plant and an outdoor landscape plant! Cast Iron Plants is one of the ones we can.

Growzone: 7-11

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Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra for Sale Online

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) is a lush and leafy house plant that is as tough as its name implies. If you are a beginner plant enthusiast or like to travel a lot, Cast Iron is the plant for you. Aspidistra is a low maintenance and hardy evergreen perennial that can thrive in a wide range of conditions. It is a hardy outdoor plant from Zones 6 to 11 and makes an excellent house plant in areas that have little to no natural light.

Cast Iron Plant can handle deep shade, and it does perfectly well in low-light rooms indoors or under decks and in shady corners of your garden, backyard, or landscape. The Cast Iron Plant is an almost indestructible house plant, right up there with Snake Plant and Philodendron.

Cast Iron Plant is ideal for frequent travelers for its low-maintenance qualities and slow growth rate. Its fountain-shaped cascading foliage is shade tolerant and ideal for offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms. If you're new to house plants this is excellent beginner plant.

About Your Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant is a great houseplant choice for beginners, as it performs well with minimal care. These plants handle the lowest light conditions, from fluorescent light to bright, indirect light indoors to full shade outside where hardy. They take well to drying out between watering, and don’t need to be fed often.

These plants do extremely well in offices or buildings where they can live away from windows or natural light. They are frequently found in atriums indoors as they pair well with many different plants especially in mixed containers. Cast Iron Plants can be moved outdoors during the summer months and into fully shaded patios or front porches; they appreciate the higher humidity outdoors.

Growing Zone: 7-11
Mature Height: 24 to 30 Inches
Mature Width: 24 to 30 Inches
Classification: House plant
Sunlight: Fluorescent light to full shade outdoors
Habit: Upright
Flower Color: Inconspicuous
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Well draining
Water Requirements: Likes to dry out between watering
Uses: Does well in low light conditions indoors or outside
This Plants Growzone: 7-11 Cast Iron Plant Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Cast Iron Plant

Before you buy a Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving.

What type of light do Cast Iron plants need?

What type of light do Cast Iron plants need?

Cast Iron Plants thrive in the lowest light conditions indoors, living with just fluorescent light. They can handle some bright, indirect light too, but too much light will cause browning and sunburn. Where hardy, these plants perform best outside in areas with full shade.

How do I water my Cast Iron Plant?

How do I water my Cast Iron Plant?

Cast Iron Plants like to dry out almost completely between watering. It does not like to stay or sit in water. Plants that are watered too often will not survive. If unsure, do not water.

How do I fertilize my Cast Iron Plant?

How do I fertilize my Cast Iron Plant?

Any all purpose fertilizer will work for Cast Iron Plants. Indoor houseplant fertilizers fall into two groups: water soluble, liquid quick release, and granular, slow release fertilizers. Jack’s Classic Indoor plant food works well as a powder, quick release fertilizer that is mixed with water to quickly provide nutrients to a plant that has been in a container for an extended time. On the other hand, Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor is an option as a granular, slow release fertilizer that can be applied while potting and planting. Any type of fertilizer offers nutrients that help plants with the transition to a new environment. We offer a one year warranty on our plants when you purchase Bio-tone at checkout and use it per label instructions. All of these fertilizers may be used when planting Cast Iron Plants.

What is the best type of soil for my Cast Iron Plant?

What is the best type of soil for my Cast Iron Plant?

Cast Iron Plants prefer a well draining soil, and prefer to dry out between watering. Regular potting mix with sand mixed in works well for plants potted in containers. Outdoors, these plants prefer not to go into clay soil, as it holds moisture and compacts.

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