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Deutzias are low mounding ornamental shrubs and produce an abundance of star-shaped white or pink flowers. Flowering deutzia shrubs are very tolerant of many soil types and light conditions.

If you are in search of a small-to-medium sized flowering shrub to elevate your outdoor space, look no further than the extravagant and breathtaking Deutzia Shrub!

Benefits of Buying Deutzia Shrubs

Hardy To The Elements

Deutzia Shrubs are commonly grown as ornamental plants. Deutzias are hardy shrubs that are deer resistant, and do not have any significant disease problems! Tolerating conditions of full sun, these hardy shrubs are great for warm summer climates. The shrubs are also known to become drought-tolerant once established!

Fragrant Spring Blooms

Deutzia is a fan-favorite Mid-Spring Flowering Shrub. The popular landscape plant features a mass of gorgeous blooms from late April to early May.

The delicate white bell-shaped flowers flourish and overwhelm the shrub in the best way possible. The flowers are small but showy and they are delightfully fragrant. The five-petaled star-shaped blossoms are sure to make a beautiful impact on the landscape.

Pollinator Magnet

Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies love this sweet-smelling shrub! Complete any pollinator oasis or cottage garden when you plant a mass of deutzia shrubs around the yard.

How To Select The Right Deutzia For Your Yard

What's Your Grow Zone?

The first step to selecting what Deutzia is best for you is determining your USDA Grow Zone. Not sure what your specified garden zone is? Don't fret! We have just the tool for you.

Utilize our Find Your Grow Zone Tool to easily determine what growing zones your yard is suited for.

What's Your Landscape's Style?

Once you've determined what Deutzia shrubs will grow best in your climate, you can move on to selecting a style that best suits your vision. The Deutzia Nikko is perfect for a more subtle and classic vibe, whereas the Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia is bold and more romantic than your typical Deutzia with its vibrant rosy hues.

How To Care For Deutzia Shrubs


Deutzia is best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best color in the foliage. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned. The hardy shrubs will tolerate a wide range of soil types but prefer a well-drained soil blend for best results.


Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. However, once your shrub has acclimated to its environment it is readily drought tolerant and can go extended periods of time without water.


Your Deutzia Shrubs would benefit from the application of a well-balanced fertilizer in the plant's growing seasons of spring and summer. Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer is a great option for these popular flowering shrubs.

Be sure to check out Deutzia Shrub Planting Guide to get an in-depth look at the steps to growing these magnificent shrubs!

Our Best-Selling Deutzias

Deutzia Nikko

Deutzia Nikko is a compact dwarf cultivar with bright green leaves that produces lovely white double blooms in the late spring. The arching branches of this plant continue their display through the season, with leaves turning a deep burgundy color in the fall.

According to an article written by the U.S. National Arboretum, the Deutzia Nikko is praised for its fine texture and compact growth habit. The shrub was crowned the Gold Medal Plant Award by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in 1989.

Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls

Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls is a slightly different, rounded cultivar. The arching branches produce numerous pearl-like buds in the spring, which burst into star-shaped flowers. Once the flowers have faded, the green foliage turns a bright yellow into the fall.

Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom

Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom produces numerous pink and white buds that burst into attractive star-shaped pink flowers in early spring. When the flowers have faded, this plant continues to shine with its bright green foliage that turns burgundy in the fall.

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