Beech Trees for Sale Online

Beech Trees have an upright and young trees have an open pyramidal shape. As they mature they develop a rounded canopy. Beech Trees can eventually grow to 100 feet, though they are slow-growing and will take many, many decades to reach that height. Beech Trees are refered to as legacy trees because they can live for hundreds of years. Planting a beech tree now is like passing down shade to the next generation of family memebers.

Choosing the best location for Beech Trees

Beech Trees are adapted to a wide variety of soil conditions but prefer well-drained soil that is fairly rich in organic matter. When planting beech trees, it's important to add compost into the soil.

One of the most important considerations with beech Treesis to locate them away from any paved surface or building foundation. Beeches have a very shallow but robust root system that can destroy sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Because of their large size, they are used primarily as a shade tree and can make an impressive focal point in the landscape.

How to Care for Beech Trees

Beech trees require no care once established. During the first few years after planting, give the tree a deep watering every few weeks in the spring and summer to encourage the roots to grow down to access groundwater and provide a firm anchorage for the tree as it grows. This is a good opportunity to use a Dewitt Dew Right tree watering bag to water as the water will slowly sink into the ground around the tree.

Beech Tree wood is tough, so they rarely lose branches in storms.  Prune off any 'suckers' that grow from the base and remove the lower limbs to expose the attractive bark as the tree grows. No other pruning is required.

Planting Beech Trees

The best time to plant a beech tree is in fall, but any time of year, when the ground is not frozen, and the weather is not extremely hot, it is acceptable. Beech trees will eventually outgrow most other trees (although not quickly), but they are more than happy to spend their early years in either sun or part shade.

Bio-tone Starter Fertilizer when used at planting will add life to the soil which beech trees need to survive.