Five Reasons To Love Aglaonema

Five Reasons To Love Aglaonema

Oct 7, 2021

Aglaonema are, we think, a misunderstood houseplant. It's a plant with a reputation for being difficult and for having more varieties than you can count in a day. At first glance, aglaonemas can feel very complicated and overwhelming. 

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Aglaonemas, also known as Chinese Evergreens, are actually some of the easiest houseplants to take care of!  Here are our top 5 reasons why we love these hardy, versatile houseplants. 

aglaonemas pink chinese evergreens are actually very easy

  1. Beginner plant owners won't have to fret about how much light their plant is getting, since these guys can thrive just fine in a variety of situations. They can grow in bright, indirect light or under fluorescent lights in an office. 

  2. They don't need to be watered all the time. In fact, Aglaonemas like to dry out somewhat between waterings. Wait until the top few inches are dry and the pot feels lighter than usual before watering again. 

  3. Chinese Evergreens are a part of our Clean Air Plants collection. These plants will help purify the air in your home of toxins such as formaldehyde or benzene. Breathe deeper with an Aglaonema in your home. 

  4. They add a vibrant and unique pop of color to your home. Choose between Red, Pink, White, or variations such as Red Siam Aglaonemas, Chocolate Aglaonemas or Silver Bay Aglaonemas. The fun, brightly colored & elongated leaves are a great way to add drama and texture to a shelf, desk or room corner. 

  5. Once you set them up for success, you won't need to feed them or repot them too frequently. Red and Pink Aglaonemas especially are not fast growers. We recommend feeding them once or twice a year in the spring with a light, slow release plant food. 

A few things to consider: first, while Aglaonema will live well in an office, their color will show more vibrantly with more bright, indirect light. Also, if you live in zones 9 or further south, you could plant them outside as a shade-loving perennial. Some Aglaonemas will grow to a substantial size, such as Silver Bay. Others will stay cute and petite like Pink Aglaonemas. Don't forget to keep these plants away from your pets. (Read this for great pet safe alternatives). Lastly, they're thought to be lucky plants!

silver bay aglanema plant that cleans the air around it

Whether or not you consider yourself a plant parent newbie or a verified green thumb, you'll be sure to enjoy watching your Chinese Evergreen thrive in your home.  Shop our collection and see which one is right for you!