Pet Safe Indoor Plants for Your Home

Pet Safe Indoor Plants for Your Home

Sep 28, 2022

Pet-Friendly Plants

Pets have been a part of families for thousands of years and our attachment to these animals is as strong as ever. The love and commitment we have for our pets-whether that be dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, and every little critter in between goes beyond just companionship. They are more often than not considered a part of the family!

Americans alone own over 78 million dogs and 85 million cats across the 50 states. For as long as people have been living with pets we have also been living with plants. In fact, the Chinese were growing plants in their homes for ornamental purposes as early as 1,000 BC when indoor plants were seen as a symbol of wealth.

The number of species of plants grown as houseplants has increased many times over since then, although not all plants are as friendly to pets as we humans are.

As close as we are to our pets, it’s natural to want to take every precaution and do anything and everything we can to keep them out of harm's way. But when you’re just as committed to being a plant parent, you will have to do some research to ensure that both your fur babies and your leafy children are safe!

Pets and Plants That Will Live in Harmony

Some houseplants are notoriously toxic to our furry friends but the number of toxic plants is minute compared to the number of pet-friendly plants. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite pet-safe plants to incorporate into your space.

Pet-Safe Calathea Plants

pet friendly calathea

First on our list of favorite pet-safe houseplants are the iconic and notorious members of the Calathea family. Also known as prayer plants, Calathea are trendy tropical plants loved for their unique patterns, vibrant colors, and their overall flamboyant feel!

Lucky for you, all members of the Calathea family are deemed pet-safe! A few of our favorite pet-friendly Calathea include Calathea Dottie, Calathea Rattle Snake, and Calathea Zebra.

Furry Friends and Ferns

rabbits foot fern pet friendly

Next on the list of plants okay for pets are the classic and oh-so stunning ferns! There are a wide variety of ferns that are declared safe for pets and will not hurt them if consumed.

A few popular options for ferns to incorporate into a pet-filled home include the Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Blue Star Fern, and the Bird’s Nest Fern. As an added bonus to being non-toxic to animals, ferns are also great for purifying the air of toxins and bringing zen energy to a space.

Pet-Friendly Palms

pet friendly palm trees

Another fan favorite option for pet friendly houseplants is the palm tree! There are numerous palms that bring exotic tropical vibes to space, all the while keeping your pets happy and healthy even if they sneak a bite or two.

Some popular options for pet-safe palms include the funky and exuberant ponytail palm, the regal and jaw-dropping Majesty Palm, and the luxurious and fantastical Neanthe Bella Palm.

The easy-to-care-for plants grow fast and large making for a grand statement piece. Each of these palms is unique and beautiful in its own way and will easily transform any space!

** It is important to note that not all palms are pet-friendly! We urge you to conduct further research if selecting a palm not listed in the selections above.**

Peperomia and Pets!

pet safe peperomia

Peperomia Plants are yet another family of leafy greens that are safe to keep around dogs and cats.

With a wide range of options within this plant family and a low-maintenance care regimen, there’s so much to love about peperomia!

Lover of bright indirect light and a well-draining soil medium, these fantastic houseplants are perfect for beginners! A few of our favorite pet-friendly peperomia at the moment are Peperomia Hope, Peperomia Puteolata, and Peperomia Piccolo Banda.

Tips For Growing Plants With Pets

  1. If you are worried about your pets eating your houseplants, place the pots on tall sturdy plant stands. Decorative plant stands or tables are an attractive way to display houseplants while keeping them out of your pet's reach.
  2. Place as many of your plants as possible on high, inaccessible window ledges or on top of tall cabinets. Mounting hanging baskets from the ceiling is also a good option.
  3. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your pets are protected from your plants is to keep them separated from each other. If you have a room that your pets are not allowed in, think about putting most of your plants in that room.
  4. One of the main reasons pets are attracted to houseplants is their love of digging in the soil. Consider covering the soil in your pots with decorative gravel. Gravel comes in many shapes and colors which makes them easy to match with any home décor.

Pet-Safe Plant Resources

If you are unsure whether or not a plant is suitable for a home with pets, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® has an all-encompassing list of plants A-Z that are deemed toxic to cats and dogs.

If you are concerned that your pet may have consumed a plant that is toxic, we advise you call your local animal hospital or veterinary clinic right away! Some common signs of plant toxicity include vomiting, drooling, and diarrhea.

Additionally, you can easily shop our Pet-Safe Plant Collection online today!

Until next time, see you in the pet-friendly garden,

- Woodie