Consider the Source

Consider the Source

Dec 16, 2016

Consider the Source When Buying Plants Online

For folks thinking about buying plants online, keep in mind that what might actually arrive at your front door can often be a bit of a gamble. Of course all online retailers are going to show beautiful images of the plants for sale appearing in excellent condition and splendorous state. But are those actually the plants that will be shipped? The answer is: probably not! So how do you really know what you are getting for your money? How can you really be sure the plants you are buying are likely not only to survive, but to thrive and flourish in your landscape. The plain truth of the matter is you won’t unless you take a few minutes to research the company behind the online site.

Many shoppers today don’t realize that a good number of plant re-sellers found on a Google search are not nurserymen in the true sense of the word; and that they’re not buying from an actual nursery at all. No, unfortunately what’s happening right now because internet shopping is growing so fast is unsuspecting consumers are spending their hard earned money buying plants from someone with nothing more than a website and a temporary holding yard. This can be an ill fated purchase as plants are brought in from all over the country, and stored without proper care until they are either sold or die.

A word to the wise!!! Always consider the source when making a plant purchase. Do the background check to make sure your plants are coming from a reputable nursery where they have been properly grown, cultivated and nurtured. All of these things are important to the survivability of your plants and their ability to thrive in their new environment i.e. your garden. When you buy plants online, or even at your local garden center, you don’t want your newly purchased beauty to be harboring a hidden diseases or pests that will quickly spread throughout your landscape, wiping out plants that you’ve proudly nurtured for years. Nor do you want to buy what you believe to be good sized specimen quality plants only to have a weak, undernourished seedling arrive at your doorstep. You plant it, and then quickly watch it slip into decline only to have it wither away and disappear.

>So remember when buying plants online if you want to be absolutely sure your getting the best out there, make sure you are buying from a reputable source.


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