8 Steps To Planning Your Dream Spring Landscape

8 Steps To Planning Your Dream Spring Landscape

Dec 8, 2023

As winter's chill envelops your outdoor oasis, you might be tempted to pack away your gardening gloves and trade them for a cozy blanket by the fireplace. But hold on! These dormant months provide the perfect opportunity to embark on an exciting journey – planning your landscape for the upcoming year.

As professional garden designers will tell you, the winter season is when some of the most critical and creative landscape planning takes place! Keep reading as we dive into the essential steps of spring garden and landscape planning!

1. Dreaming of Spring's Arrival

The winter season may seem barren, but it's the ideal time to envision your garden's potential. With a hot cup of cocoa in hand, settle into your favorite chair and allow your imagination to wander.

What colors, textures, and scents do you want to experience as soon as the snow melts? Create a list of your favorite plants, hardscape features, and design ideas. Dream big, as the canvas of your landscape is only limited by your imagination.

woman daydreaming of her spring landscape flourishing with color and blooms

2. Assessing Your Space

During the winter, your garden is stripped down to its bones. This provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate your outdoor space objectively.

Take note of what worked well in the previous year and what didn't. Are there areas that receive too much shade or too little sunlight? Identify potential problem areas, such as drainage issues, and plan solutions. By addressing these concerns now, you'll set yourself up for success in the growing season.

3. Research and Inspiration

In this age of technology, the internet is a treasure trove of inspiration. Use this time to browse online garden forums, Pinterest boards, and landscaping websites. Collect images and ideas that resonate with you, whether it's a charming cottage garden, a modern oasis, or a wild and natural landscape. These visual aids will help you articulate your vision when the time comes.

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4. Building a Plant Palette

Winter is an excellent time to research and choose the plants that will grace your garden. Consider factors like your region's climate, soil type, and the amount of maintenance you're willing to undertake.

Think beyond just flowers – trees, shrubs, and evergreens can provide structure and year-round interest. Create a list of your preferred plants and their bloom times to ensure a garden that's vibrant throughout the seasons. Or even better- check out our exclusive Bloom Calendar to get an idea

5. Hardscape and Design Elements

While plants are the stars of any garden, don't forget about the supporting cast. Hardscape features like paths, patios, pergolas, and water features can transform your outdoor space into a functional and visually appealing oasis. Sketch out your ideal layout and consider how these elements will enhance your landscape's aesthetics and functionality.

6. Budgeting and Planning

The winter season is also the perfect time to establish a budget for your landscaping project. Determine what elements are essential and what can wait. Developing a clear budget will ensure you stay on track when landscaping begins.

close up view of woman's hands working on budget with calculator, laptop, and notepad

7. Engaging Professionals

If you're not confident in your landscaping abilities or simply want expert guidance, consider hiring a garden designer or landscape architect. They can turn your ideas into a comprehensive plan, navigate potential challenges, and recommend your region's best plants and materials.

More often than not, a landscape designer can provide you with a plan to follow when choosing to be your own landscaper. This is beneficial when you intend to do the work in small, manageable steps.

8. Sustainable Practices

As you plan your landscape, think about incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices, from rainwater harvesting to native plant choices. There are numerous ways to minimize your garden's environmental impact and create a sustainable haven.

sustainable landscape practice xeriscaping

The Time For Spring Landscape Planning Is Now

In conclusion, while winter may seem like a time to retreat indoors, it's actually a golden opportunity to invest in the future beauty of your outdoor space. So, grab your garden journal and a cup of hot tea, and prepare to embrace the winter months as the ideal time to plan and design the garden of your dreams.

By the time spring arrives, you'll be well-prepared to turn your vision into reality, and your landscape will flourish with the love and care you've poured into it during the winter wonderland of planning.