Heavy fruit set of Santa Rosa Plum Santa Rosa Plum dark purple fruit
Heavy fruit set of Santa Rosa Plum Santa Rosa Plum dark purple fruit

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Santa Rosa Plum Tree

Prunus cerasifera 'Santa Rosa'

This wonderful self-pollinating fruit tree accomplishes two imortant purposes to the home gardener. It produces beautiful flowers in the spring and in the summer (July) the delicious fruit is ready to eat.


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The Santa Rosa Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Santa Rosa’) is a favorite among many home gardeners and fruit growers. This fruit tree is self-pollinating and can be used as a pollinator tree for other fruiting plums. The Plums this tree produces are known for their sweet, slightly tart taste and deep purple-red color. A fun fact about this fruit tree is that it usually takes fewer years to begin bearing fruit than other plum trees.

Aside from its ability to produce fruit, this tree adds ornamental value to gardens with its showy, pinkish-white blossoms in the spring. Plums are an excellent source of fiber and are high in vitamins A, C, and K. Also, this fruit's dark color makes it high in antioxidants too. You will need to give your tree full sun exposure and in the winter, be sure it will have at least 500 chill hours.

Hardiness Zone: 5-9
Mature Height: 15 to 20 Feet
Mature Width: 15 to 20 Feet
Classification: Broad leaved deciduous tree, spring flowering
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade, best color is in full sun
Habit: Round foliage growth
Foliage: Coppery purple
Flower Color: Light pale pink
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: Tolerates moist soil and full sun
Growzone: 5-9 Santa Rosa Plum Tree Hardiness Zone 5-9

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