• single song of india pleomele plant with covered in overlapping variegated leaves
  • pleomele dracaena song of india indoor plants together in a group
  • song of india pleomele variegated leaves with yellow borders around green
  • axilliary spike with small inconspicuous flowers on pleomele song of india

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Dracaena reflexa Song of India

Dracaena reflexa

Dracaena Song of India plants are considered to be one of the more beautiful dracaena plants available. These easy-care plants bring a bold splash of color, while also giving a fun eccentric vibe to a space.

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Song of India Plants for Sale Online

A stunning ornamental dracaena, the Pleomele or Dracaena Song of India plant is beloved for its arching variegated blade-like leaves that radiate bright shades of yellow and green. These spunky little trees make a fun bold addition to any space.

The popular houseplant is fairly drought tolerant and can sustain a significant amount of neglect. Scientifically referred to as Dracaena Reflexa, this bright plant is considered decently low-maintenance and easy to grow. Their bright yellow and green leaves are brightest and happiest when grown in a bright indirect light, making them perfect plants for a windowsill or sunroom in your home.

Other important plant care practices to note with this plant include providing high humidity levels, and consistent room temperatures of 65-75°F. Additionally, you should fertilize this plant in the growing months of spring and summer.

Common problems with this plant include yellowing leaf tips--often indicating the plant wants more moisture in the form of humidity levels or watering. Root rot is another dreaded problem that will occur as a result of too much water. To find that happy medium, we recommend letting your soil dry out in between waterings.

While these Dracaena are considered slow growing, they can reach heights of around three feet when grown as an indoor plant, and can reach heights of 18 to 20 feet when grown outside in a tropical climate.


Growzone: 10-11 Dracaena reflexa Song of India Hardiness Zone 10-11
Hardiness Zone: 10-11
Mature Height: 3 Feet in containers
Mature Width: 1 to 2 Feet in containers
Classification: Tropical
Sunlight: Bright indirect light to low light
Foliage: Long green and yellow striped variegation, tightly whorled
Soil Condition: Average, well draining
Water Requirements: Moderate, let dry out between waterings
Uses: Ornamental houseplant

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