• PJM with striking colors of a lighter purple in the sun with its dark green leaves
  • PJM Rhododendron bring bold color to an early spring yard
  • Bright purple colors from the PJM Rhododendron
  • PJM Rhododendron close up image

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PJM Rhododendron

Rhododendron x 'P.J.M.'

Cold hardy and heat tolerant, the PJM Rhododendron out shines any plant that's around it with its brilliant purple flowers and fragrance. This shrub can live 40 years while preserving its splendid appearance. Grab the attention and envy of your neighbors with this enchanting plant!

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PJM Rhododendron Shrubs for Sale Online

The PJM Rhododendron is a distinctive set of pleasing rhododendron with lavender blooms accented by its dark green foliage which transforms into rusty brown for the winter months.

PJM Rhododendron Shrubs are hardy plants that handle crazy amounts of any environment. This fragrant variety is known for being heat-resistant and drought-tolerant.

The foliage comes in a lovely dark green color. Every leaf matches the flowers extremely well. Once the beautiful blooms are done, the foliage blends well with the rest of the shrub.

This breathtaking shrub can do anything because of its fabulous looks and can last almost forever. It's perfect for any garden or patio you can think love. The PJM is a plant that takes itself seriously.

Growzone: 4-8 PJM Rhododendron Hardiness Zones 4-8
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Mature Height: 4 to 6 Feet
Mature Width: 3 to 4 Feet
Classification: Evergreen shrub
Sunlight: Partial sun
Habit: Mounded
Flower Color: Lavender purple to bright purple
Foliage: Dark green
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established

How to Care for PJM Rhododendron

Be sure to read our planting instructions to ensure a healthy and happy plant for years to come!

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