Nandina Flirt

Nandina 'Murasaki' PP21391

Growzone: 6-11

Red Leaved Nandina Flirt

Nandina Flirt is an improved version of Nandina Harbour Dwarf that was developed by Southern Living Plants. It features new leaves of bright red that emerge in spring and keep their striking color throughout the year. The compact growth habit of Flirt Nandina makes it a perfect choice for smaller landscapes.

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3 GAL $52.95
Full Description

Nandina Flirt, is a dwarf cultivar with red foliage for most of the year. Nandina Flirt is a small plant topping out at 12-24" tall with a spread of 12-16" it is characterized by its tight, dense mounding habit. It is a sport of Nandina Harbour Dwarf but differs in having wine red colored young foliage. Mature foliage is deep blue green in color.

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