Miniature fleshy green leaves of Mini Leaf Jade succulent plants
Miniature fleshy green leaves of Mini Leaf Jade succulent plants

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Mini Leaf Jade Plants

Crassula ovuta 'Minima'

Mini Leaf Jade Plants are low maintenance house plants that are considered symbols of good luck! Also known as the Friendship Tree, they are the perfect gift for house warming presents and their ease of care makes them ideal for homes and offices.

Growzone: 9-11

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Mini Leaf Jade PlantsĀ for Sale Online

Mini Leaf Jade Plant (Crassula ovuta 'Minima'), also known as Baby Jade or Small Jade, is a dwarf succulent house plant. The fleshy, thick, green leaves are slightly smaller than its Jade Plant counterpart but its ease of care makes it a popular option for indoor gardeners. Miniature Jade likes to dry out between waterings and the most common cause of failure is over-saturated soil. Native to Africa, Mini Jade succulents store water in their large stems, leaves, and branches so they are a great house plant for beginners. When you buy your Mini Jade plant online, expect it to grow up to 30 inches tall! Under the right circumstances, it will sprout a beautiful pink, star-shaped flower. Popular with indoor bonsai enthusiasts, Mini Leaf Jade plants are also known as the Friendship Plant and make wonderful house warming gifts.

  • Also known as Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Money Plant
  • Indoor Bonsai
  • Succulent with fleshy green leaves and pink flower
  • Low maintenance house plant

Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 30 Inches
Mature Width: 20 Inches
Classification: Succulent
Sunlight: Fluorescent to bright indirect
Habit: Compact habit, densely branching, star-shaped flower
Flower Color: Pink
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Likes to dry out between watering
Water Requirements: If unsure, do not water
Uses: Attractive plant to be featured or in the background of any room in the house, does well with minimal care
This Plants Growzone: 9-11 Mini Leaf Jade Plants Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Mini Leaf Jade Plants

We suggest re-potting your newly purchased Mini Leaf Jade Plants into a container 2"-4" wider in diameter, and 2-3" deeper than the container it is in currently. Use a well draining potting mix, and be sure not to disturb the roots when transplanting. We recommend adding a slow release fertilizer to the new potting mix before watering in. The most common cause of plant death after transplanting is planting the new plant to deep. That is why we do not recommend planting in a container any deeper than the soil line of the plant in the pot. If planted too deep, the stem of the plant will be covered with soil, retaining moisture and eventually rotting. Keep in mind that this new potting mix will retain more moisture than the previous container, so watering in the beginning should be less frequent.

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