Ilex Glabra Shamrock Holly

Ilex Glabra 'Shamrock'

Growzone: 4-9

Great Holly for Evergreen Privacy Hedges

Ilex Glabra Shamrock is one of the best selections of our native Inkberry holly. It has a broad upright habit and holds its foliage at the base of the plant. Tolerates heat, drought, sun, and shade. It grows very well in urban areas. Flowers give way to jet black inkberries in late spring which mature in early fall and persist through the winter to early spring unless consumed by local birds.

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Full Description

Ilex Glabra Shamrock Holly was selected for its compact habit and bright, glistening new foliage, Ilex Glabra Shamrock is a dwarf plant which makes it perfect as a hedge or border plant. Shamrock Holly tends to have foilage that is a brighter green than Ilex Glabra Densa.

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