Spotted burgundy Helleborus Sandy Shores Flower Sandy Shores Lenten Rose Flower blooms in the fall and winter
Spotted burgundy Helleborus Sandy Shores Flower Sandy Shores Lenten Rose Flower blooms in the fall and winter

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Helleborus Sandy Shores

Helleborus x Sandy Shores

You'll love the raspberry veining of the huge white flowers in the dark winter months.

Growzone: 4-9

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Sandy Shores Lenten Rose Plants for Sale Online

Sandy Shores Helleborus is yet another great introduction in the single blooming Honeymoon™ series of Lenten Roses. If you are looking for an early blooming perennial this is your plant. Hellebore Sandy Shores is a large single bloom that features pale yellowish petals with a burgundy flare and a hint of pink on the edges. Each flower grows to 2.5 to 3 inches across. With blooms starting in late winter, Sandy Shores will flower up to 6 weeks or more.

Hellebore Sandy Shores is part of the Honeymoon Series of Hellebores.

Hellebores are the harbingers of spring, blooming for six weeks or more beginning in late winter and early spring. They are often flowering during the Christian season of Lent, from which they get their common name, Lenten Rose. This is the perfect plant for naturalizing in moist, woodland areas where its extensive root system will spread as far as it is allowed.

Growing Zone: 4-9
Mature Height: 18 to 24 Inches
Mature Width: 18 to 24 Inches
Sunlight: Full shade to part shade
Water Requirements: Tolerates most moisture levels but does best in average to dry soils
Flower Color Pale yellow with burgundy and pink highlights
This Plants Growzone: 4-9 Helleborus Sandy Shores Hardiness Zone

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