Arrowhead Plant Syngonium

Syngonium podophyllum

Growzone: 10-11

 Arrowhead Plant Syngonium Plants 

Arrowhead Plant has distinctive heart-shaped leaves with green and white foliage. Very Easy to grow.

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Arrowhead Plant is content in very small containers, and usually has disproportionately more foliage growth compared to root growth. The heart shaped leaves are mixed white and green, and the plant takes on a vining habit once it reaches maturity. Thankfully if a compact bushy plant is preferred, Arrowhead Plant can be trained to stay small and compact. This plant does well in terrariums or fairy gardens in containers that don't drain. Alternately, it can also be grown in water culture without soil. Arrowhead Plant is an extremely low light plant, and does well in offices and locations with fluorescent light to bright, indirect light.

These plants perform well in terrariums, as they can handle staying constantly moist in a container that doesn't drain. In fact, they can be grown in water without soil. Arrowhead Plant handles very low light levels, from fluorescent light to some bright indirect. Too much light will burn the foliage. As the plants reach maturity, they will start to develop a vining habit and could be trained to go up a trellis or structure, or even managed and kept as a compact, bushy houseplant. Arrowhead Plant tends to grow more slowly than other houseplants.

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History and Naming of Arrowhead Plant:

Native to Latin America, Arrowhead Plant does well as a hanging basket, terrarium plant or houseplant. According to the Smithsonian Herbarium, Arrowhead Plant was first recorded in a collection in Cuba in 1953. The green and white foliage changes shape slightly as the plant matures from more pointed and arrow shaped to more rounded, lobe shaped leaves. The plant normally grows as a vine, but can be trained to stay compact and bushy. The cuttings can be rooted and planted, and is the easiest way to propagate Arrowhead. Both the compact, bushy start and the vine are immature stages of the plant; the mature version in the wild has a palmate leaf shape (5 or more smaller leaves that conjoin at a single point) and grows more than 3 feet long up tree trunks or other structures. The flower only appears where the plant is hardy, and looks similar to a peace lily or chinese evergreen, with a spathe and spadix. Syngonium podophyllum is the Latin name for Arrowhead Plant. Syngonium comes from the Greek syn (with, together) and goné (womb), referring to the united ovaries, while podophyllum means thick or stout leaf or petiole.