Achillea Pomegranate

Achillea Pomegranate

Growzone: 4-9

Achillea Pomegranate Plants For Sale

Achillea Pomegranate blooms Bright Rich Red to brighten up any sun-loving garden all summer long! Achillea Pomegranate has clusters of flowers that rich pomegranate red, holding the color well. Excellent for cutting. One of the best Yarrows for growing in containers. Deadheading faded blooms should encourage more buds to form over a long season. Likely to prove hardy down to Zone 3 or colder. 

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Achillea Pomegranate from Blooms of Bressingham features showy, velvety red flowers and full, compact habit that take it out of the flower “chorus” and place it center stage with a strong color statement. Part of the Tutti Frutti Series from Blooms, Achillea Pomegranate is one of the top picks of Richard Hawke, Plant Evaluation Manager for the Chicago Botanical Garden. In a talk he recently gave at PPA’s P.L.A.N.T. program, he cited the variety’s “fantastic red color and bushy habit with stems that really do stand up and don’t flop over.” He also liked its durability in the heat and humidity of July and August. The Achilleas in the Tutti Frutti series have excellent flowering uniformity and a blooming period that lasts from mid-June through July. Their foliage is reliably robust and disease-resistant even in high temperatures. A mounding habit makes them ideal for containers and in the landscape, with their flowers valued as cuts, fresh or dried.

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