Encap Fast Acting Gypsum

Plants are like humans in that-they need to breathe. When your yard's soil is clay-based and compact, your plants' roots struggle to absorb oxygen and nutrients. Encap's Fast Acting Gypsum works to aerate your soil and give your plants the room they need to grow. Woodie approves! Promotes root growth & water penetration Provides essential calcium & sulfur Advanced Soil Technology™ improves the soil environment Easy to apply Safe for people & pets

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Fast Acting Gypsum by Encap for Sale Online

Fast Acting Gypsum by Encap is an all-in-one product that works to loosen heavy soils the natural way. We love this organic approach to aerating an agricultural landscape's soil, and so will you.

Soils become compact in all sorts of ways, including salt damage, inclement weather, and human, animal, and mechanical traffic. This advanced soil technology improves salt-damaged soil by roadways and even loosens heavy clay soils to create space for growing roots.

 This amazing solution will give your garden room it needs to grow properly this planting season.Encap Fast Acting Gypsum also helps soil maximize nutrient effectiveness by allowing water to absorb properly. Simple to apply and safe for people and pets, Encap Fast Acting Gypsum enriches the soil with calcium and sulfur to promote bountiful plant growth.

This unique formula combines advanced soil technology, or AST, with high-quality gypsum to maximize the benefit to the soil. Reasons to add Encap Fast Acting Gypsum to your lawn: The first purpose for gypsum is when it is used on soils with excessive amounts of salt (Na+). Too much sodium in the soil will damage good soil structure by displacing other elements needed by plants. Salt is probably most damaging on clay soils.

Applying gypsum to lawns will work to neutralize the sodium and slowly restores the proper soil structure. Once dislodged, the sodium leaches below the root zone and away from plants. It is an essential part of improving soils affected by salt. Other sources are runoff from winter road salt trucks and along coastal areas.

Gypsum doesn't take as long as limestone to break down and is more quickly dissolved so plants can use it. The third purpose for using gypsum is to reverse soil aluminum toxicity in soil. Aluminum is not an essential element for plant or animal life, even though aluminum is found in soil in large quantities.

In agricultural settings, gypsum has proven itself and can improve heavy clay structure, improve plant root depth, drainage, etc. Keep in mind that gypsum works differently in agricultural areas due to extensive and aggressive soil maintenance. The soil is often turned over to prepare for planting new crops, compared to lawns which are never turned once the lawn is established.

However, as is often believed, gypsum does little to soften hard soils in home landscapes. Home soils are not easily affected by gypsum due to soil layering, heavy compaction, high organic content, etc. Coarse soils can be damaged by applying gypsum. Magnesium deficiency from gypsum for lawn application can result in some situations. Gypsum will increase water filtration in saline soils, however. Salt prevents water absorption and blocks absorption into the roots. When the salt is removed by gypsum, the soil can again do its job in absorbing water and making it available to plant roots.

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