Ornamental Trees for Sale Online

Ornamental trees are known for their beauty that lasts through all seasons. These trees have so much to offer in the home landscape. They are grown specifically for the aesthetic value and enjoyment of having them in a garden; ornamental trees have beautiful shapes, interesting flowers, colorful or unusual bark, or any combination of these options. Most gardens have room for at least one small ornamental tree. They add structure to the landscape and provide some shade.

What Types of Ornamental Trees are There?

Ornamental trees come in a range of sizes, types, and colors, all united by their vertical nature. Varieties we offer at Garden Goods Direct include:

  • Japanese Maple Trees: One of the most collected and desirable trees sold today. They are typically used as focal points in every well-designed landscape and come in more forms and styles than any other tree. Some produce vibrant red leaves; others produce orange, purple, green, white, and pink. They come in growing habits of upright, weeping, or cascading.
  • Cypress Trees: Popular for their rapid growth rate and uniform shape, Cypress Trees grow well in a wide variety of soils. They look beautiful when planted as a windbreak, privacy screens, or puffer plantings. They provide rich color year-round. 
  • Birch Trees: Birch Trees grow into medium-sized trees but grow at a rapid rate. Their exfoliating bark and small leaves make them very common trees in any landscaped area. They are one of the few plants that do better in northern areas of the country, and you could even see whole forests of them as far as Maine.
  • Topiary Trees: Topiary is the art of creating sculptures using plants. They produce dense foliage and have compact and slower growing habits, making them ideal for trimming and shaping.
  • Spruce Trees: Commonly found as a landscape plant throughout the Northern hemisphere, these trees provide both beauty and a habitat for wildlife. These trees live for hundreds of years and have a unique needle and bark structure that differentiate them from other trees.

Why Should You Plant Ornamental Trees on Your Property?

Ornamental trees look beautiful when planted as stunning specimens or stand-alone plants. You can even plant them in small clumps, so they make a garden of their own. Small ornamental trees that allow lots of sunshine make great garden trees because the more sunlight they let through, the more options you have in the plants that are grown under them. They will add interest and height to any landscape they're planted in.

How Do You Care for Your Ornamental Grasses?

Ornamental tree care depends on the type of tree you choose. However, there are many that require little maintenance. Most ornamental trees thrive when they are fertilized on a regular basis in the spring and water during dry spells in the hot summer months. 

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