Green Hydrangea Shrubs for Sale Online

Green Hydrangea Shrubs are an easy option when gardeners are choosing hydrangeas for their home landscape. Green is an easy color to place virtually anywhere in an existing landscape or new landscape plan. Their green flowers do not overpower any other colored flowers in your garden, if anything they add a flare of variety to all the green foliage that is a part of any landscape.

Hydrangeas are highly tolerant of varying soil types and are easy to cultivate. They are a great and inexpensive way to instantly enhance the curb appeal of your landscape. Their versatility can be used for foundation planting or as a focal point.

Types of Green Hydrangeas

Limelight Hydrangea 

These flowering shrubs can be used all around your yard however you wish. Their whiteish-green blooms shine beautifully in front of their dark green foliage. Their flowers begin blossoming in early summer and can last until the fall months. These easy-to-maintain shrubs do best in partial to full sun and moist soil. They are perfect for any beginner gardener.

Pistachio Hydrangea

This compact mop-head flower blooms green-tinged, pistachio colors. However, as they develop the center of each flower turns scarlet red to violet. These shrubs typically grow from old wood in the late spring with a repeat bloom on new wood from summer into fall. They should be planted in a place that receives shade from the hot afternoon sun and in moist, well-drained soil. They are also highly tolerant of urban pollution and thrive in inner-city environments.

Little Lime Hydrangea

A dwarf version of the Limelight Hydrangea, they produce the same beautiful green flowers that eventually turn pink in the cooler fall temperatures. This plant is perfect for mixed borders, foundation plantings, or as a privacy hedge. These flowers also have very sturdy stems that make for great long-lasting cut flower arrangements. Their compact upright-mounded shape blooms from July to September.

Lava Lamp Moonrock Hydrangea

These hydrangeas first bloom pure white flowers but they turn yellow-green at the tops and extremely light yellow in the fall. Think the cooler the environment, the more vibrant their color. They get their name because their cone, lava lamp-shaped flowers add stunning views to any landscape. Their blooms are produced on new wood which means you will see flowers rebloom even after harsh winters.

Candy Apple Hydrangea

Also similar to the Limelight Hydrangea, these shrubs are simply in a more compact form. Their stunning lime green flowers form in a cone shape and can grow from 4 to 8 feet tall and wide. They are also perfect to be used in container plantings and as a focal point in the center of a large pot.

How to Care for Your Hydrangea Shrubs


Hydrangeas don't require too much sunlight. They grow great in spots that receive good levels of the morning sun, and the afternoon shade. Keep in mind that if you plant your bush in a spot that gets high, direct sunlight, it must be watered more frequently to avoid it from drying out.


These shrubs need most, well-draining soil to thrive. The best way to tell if it needs to be watered is to check how dry their soil is and to see how their leaves look. You will notice their leaves wilting if your plant is underwatered. Always make sure your soil is consistently moist, and never let the soil dry out. If you water your plant consistently in soil that does not have good drainage, the roots will drown and rot.


For best results, add fertilizer or any other organic matter, like compost, to the soil in spring or early summer. Doing so will provide your shrub with essential nutrients and help it sustain its health. Stay away from fertilizing around the fall when they start to become dormant.

Benefits of Planting Hydrangea Shrubs in Your Landscape

Supports Pollinators

These shrubs are great supporters of the natural ecosystem in your yard. They provide shelter and nutrients for local pollinators like butterflies, bees, and birds. By supporting local pollinators in your garden, they will do wonders for your garden and keep it flourishing.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

These shrubs are an inexpensive way to instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home. They are so versatile and can be used as a focal point or foundation planting. A fun fact about Hydrangeas is that some can change colors every new blooming season, all depending on your soil's pH levels that year.

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