How To Grow Creeping Phlox
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How To Grow Creeping Phlox


Creeping Phlox is a gorgeous groundcover perennial loved for its carpet of vibrant blooms! Just as the name suggests, these plants grow low to the ground and creep along the base of your garden.

The mat-forming, low-growing plant may keep a low profile in the growth department, but in its color and spread it truly shines in any garden. Creeping Phlox is extremely low maintenance and only requires moderate watering throughout the growing season!

Keep reading to learn the best practices for growing Creeping Phlox in your landscape!

Ground Rules

Creeping Phlox Lighting Guide


Thrives in conditions of full sun 

Creeping Phlox Watering Guide


Water infrequently, only in extended periods of drought. (1-2 weeks without rainfall)

Creeping Phlox Soil Guide


Creeping Phlox grows best in loamy, well-drained soils.

Creeping Phlox Food Guide


Feed your Phlox in late winter or early spring to promote healthy growth and optimal blooms! A slow-release fertilizer suitable for flowering plants like Espoma Flower-tone would be best for your Creeping Phlox plants!

Creeping Phlox Temperature Guide


Creeping Phlox are hardy to a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. They can even handle some conditions of light frost! However, we recommend covering with frost cloth if your plants will be subject to prolonged low temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Creeping Phlox Toxicity Guide


Creeping Phlox are considered Non-Toxic to both animals and humans. 

Creeping Phlox Mulch Guide


Using a light mulch in the first season of growing your creeping phlox will help to suppress weeds as the groundcover fills in. 

Planting Process

  1. Select a sunny spot in the yard with loamy, well-draining soil 
  2. Loosen the soil and break up large dirt clods. Remove any rocks and weeds that may be in the way of your Phlox. 
  3. Dig a hole double the width of the nursery pot. 
  4. Loosen the root ball on your Phlox Plant and place it in the hole.
  5. Backfill with surrounding soil.
  6. Water thoroughly for the next couple of weeks until the plant is established. 

Creeping Phlox & Their Bloom Colors

Type Bloom Color
Amazing Grace Phlox Pale Pink With Magenta Centers
Candy Stripe Phlox Bright White With Bubblegum Pink Stripes
Drummond's Pink Phlox Hot Pink 
Emerald Blue Phlox Lilac Purple
Emerald Pink Phlox Bubblegum Pink
Purple Beauty Phlox Mauve 
Scarlet Flame Phlox Hot Pink With Magenta Centers