Ending Seasonal Depression with Camellias

Ending Seasonal Depression with Camellias

Jul 26, 2017

Welcome to the dog days of summer. One can’t help but dream of fall during this time of year and I find myself thinking about getting back to the garden and landscape. Truth be told, I’ve never left the landscape in the summer because there’s always so much to do. Watering, dead-heading, pruning you know the routine. One of my favorite things to do is look for empty spots where I may be able to shoehorn yet another plant into my landscape. I get this sneaking suspicion that my friends and family are secretly planning an intervention for me due to my plant addiction.

It’s no secret that we love plants but what we love more than collecting plants is adding new plants not only to our own gardens but to our website. By now you may have noticed that we’ve begun to add fall blooming camellias to our offering. Camellias are one of our favorite groups of plants at Garden Goods Direct. We can’t get enough of both the spring blooming and fall blooming camellias.

How Camellias Can Be Therapeutic

Camellias can be very therapeutic as far as plants go. I know what you’re thinking, Woodie how can camellias be therapeutic? Well my friends I’m about to tell you.

When fall begins to turn to winter most gardeners get a feeling of sadness thinking that it will be four months or so before we see our flowers in bloom again, or perhaps we may see a daffodil or crocus before that but all in all nature shuts down the flower show. Winter can be a dreary time of year for gardeners and gives a new meaning to “seasonal depression”.

I’m here to tell you that this does not have to be the case. Mother Nature has provided us with a not so well known group of plants that can get us through the gray, bleak winter months. You can extend your flower season almost right through winter and into spring and I guarantee your neighbors will be in awe of your winter landscape. Now this is only going to happen for your first winter. After that you’ll start to notice that Mrs. Johnson down the block has her first Camellia Yuletide blooming at Christmas, and Mr. Thomas around the corner is out in his yard around groundhogs day cutting a branch from his Camellia Professor Sargent to take into the house to display in a vase on his table. They've all discovered your secret.

Now we can’t stop this from happening but we can help you to be the neighborhood trend-setter by supplying them to you first and at a discounted price. For a limited time we will be discounting our Camellias so you can not only be the first but you can be the most penny-wise. Take a look at both our fall blooming and the spring blooming varieties we are currently offering. We think once you get started with this group of plants you to will need to watch your family as an intervention may be in your future as well. Just simply tell them I get them on sale and who knows they may get hooked as well after they see our prices.

When Do Camellias Bloom

Fall blooming camellias (camellia sasanqua) bloom in the fall and early winter and the flowers are not quite as large as their spring blooming cousins but they are born in such large numbers that it will put on a show like no other. Flowers in this family are also mildly fragrant. The evergreen foliage is a wonderful addition to the foundation planting at your home or along the fence in the back to act as a backdrop for the wonderful flower show in fall and early winter. The fall bloomers are fast growing and tolerate a bit more sun than their spring blooming counterparts.

yuletide camellias covered in snow

Camellia Yuletide in bloom under a blanket of snow

Spring blooming camellias (camellia japonica) have bigger flowers and bloom from late winter through mid to late spring. These also have evergreen foliage and the leaves tend to be a bit bigger and they prefer a bit more shade.

pink perfection fall blooming camellia

Camellia April Kiss covered in a Spring snow

How to Grow Camellias

You can find all the information you need to be successful at growing camellias on our website. These are easy to grow and the color palette is endless. Check our site often as we are constantly adding new varieties as we trial them and do the hard work of figuring out which ones to offer to you. You can rest easy knowing that each variety we offer has been tested and has received Woodies personal seal of approval. Remember all Woodies plants are grown using Bio-tone fertilizer by Espoma so we're doing our part to guarantee your success.

Add these wonderful and underused plants to your landscape and you’ll thank us. Everyone will think you’re the best gardener on the block when they see that your landscape alive with color and theirs is nothing but sticks and fallen leaves. Be certain that they’ll regret not buying our Camellias on sale.

Until next time, see you in the garden,